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Hyphenation talk er
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Definitions and meanings of "Talker"

What do we mean by talker?

One who talks, especially a loquacious or garrulous person. noun

One who talks; especially, one who talks to excess. noun

One who talks; especially, one who is noted for his power of conversing readily or agreeably; a conversationist. noun

A loquacious person, male or female; a prattler; a babbler; also, a boaster; a braggart; -- used in contempt or reproach. noun

A person who talks, especially one who gives a speech, or is loquacious or garrulous. noun

A talk show; a talk-show host; an all-talk radio station. noun

A popular topic of conversation. noun

A talking point. noun

A stripped-down version of a MUD which is designed for talking, that predates instant messengers; a kind of early chat room. noun

Someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous) noun

A person who talks, especially one who gives a speech, or is loquacious or garrulous.

Any creature or machine that talks.

A talk show

A talk-show host.

An all-talk radio station.

A popular topic of conversation.

A talking point.

A stripped-down version of a MUD which is designed for talking, predating instant messengers; a kind of early chat room.


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The word "talker" in example sentences

"The dame nivver were much of a talker -- not to say a _talker_, thoo knows; but mark me, she loves a crack all the same." ❋ Hall Caine (1892)

It is what we call a talker, nothing more, nothing less. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Then Henry, who was stubborn and difficult, and Hap, who was a talker from the beginning. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Do not be conned into thinking this smooth talker is going to do anything but increase taxes and fall flat on his face. ❋ Unknown (2008)

"But, aunt Caxton," said Eleanor, who felt herself taken down a little, as a secure talker is apt to be by a manner very composed in his opponent – "it is surely the habit of refined persons in these times not to get excited – or not to express their feelings very publicly?" ❋ Unknown (1864)

In fact, going into Gaza recently to celebrate International Women’s Day, felt like entering that part of the Bible that I think frightens every child: the bloody part that everybody accepts because “God” tells them they have to, and any back-talker is likely to be struck by lightening. ❋ Alice Walker Blog Administrator (2009)

Because, I’m sure, some fast-talker from a Flash design company fooled the marketing people at M&S who don’t really know better into thinking they needed it. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Holmes is a good tipper and a good talker, which is a skill that came in handy that day. ❋ Gene Weingarten (2010)

He's just going to be known as a talker to the press. ❋ Unknown (2005)

The talker was the head of the school, and I like her a lot. ❋ Readersguide (2002)

She is dark-brown eyed, slightly pug-nosed, lovely mouth and teeth, no dimples in her cheeks, like Laura the corners of the mouth supply that, and a most entertaining talker, which is a mighty good thing you know, I myself being so stupid. ❋ David McCullough (1972)

De Quincy writes, "From the heart, from an interest of love or hatred, of hope or care, springs all permanent eloquence; and the elastic spring of conversation is gone if the talker is a mere showy man of talent, pulling at an oar which he detests." ❋ Annie H Ryder (N/A)

A talker is a sonorous bell, whom the least shock suffices to set in perpetual motion. ❋ Unknown (1890)

His most salient feature as a talker was his lovely voice -- deep, flexible, melodious. ❋ George William Erskine Russell (1886)

The talker was a lady of about her own age; a gentleman stood near, a little behind was a younger lady, while Rupert balanced the group on the other side. ❋ Susan Warner (1852)

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