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Taper Part of an object in the shape of a cone (conical) Tapering (mathematics): in geometry, or in the casual description of a shape or object, a gradual thinning or narrowing towards one end (i.e., a conical profile) Fishing rod taper, a measure of the flexibility of a fishing rod Conically tapered joints, made of ground glass, are commonly used in the chemistry lab to mate two glassware components fitted with glass tubings Luer Taper, a standardized fitting system used for making leak-free connections between slightly conical syringe tips and needles Tapered thread, a conical screw thread made of a helicoidal ridge wrapped around a cone Tapered crack, in concrete: a non through-penetrating fissure with a wedge shape Machine taper, in machinery and engineering Mark Taper Forum, a theatre in the Los Angeles Music Center A ratio used in aeronautics (see Chord (aircraft)) A thin candle Philadelphia Tapers (also New York Tapers and Washington Tapers), a defunct professional basketball team Taper (cymbal), the reduction in thickness of a cymbal from center to rim Taper pin, used in manufacturing Taper insertion pin, used in body piercing Tapering, a period of rest before competition A Taper (concert), A person who records audio concerts, usually via portable setup A tapered steerer tube on a bicycle "Taper," a type of men's haircut (see crew cut) In signal processing, a tapering function or window functionTaper as a surname: Louise Taper, American historian Mark Taper, American developer, financier and philanthropistSee also Tapper (disambiguation).

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Definitions of "tapers"

  • Plural form of taper; thin candles used for lighting other candles. noun

The word "tapers" in example sentences

The head tube tapers from a 1-1/4th inch lower bearing to 1-1/8th upper, a design which required an all-new full-carbon fork.. [Interbike 2010 Tech Gallery – Cannondale goes back to the future with CAAD10 aluminum road frame]

The chamfered diamond shape tapers from the centre towards the top and the bottom.. [Dorobanti Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects]

Otherwise, bring a 9-foot, 6 - to 8-weight rod with a floating line and a 9-foot leader that tapers from a 30-pound butt section to an 8 - or 10-pound tippet.. [Dave Hurteau Goes Honeymooning on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska]

The band even cordoned off a special area at its shows, usually near the sound board, for "tapers" - a practice now followed by many younger jam bands.. [news to me, and to the n.y. times]

In like manner, it appears to me highly probable that "The Christmas Tree" with its lighted tapers, which is introduced at that sacred season for the entertainment of our young people, is "a survival" of the worship of the sacred tree and of the Sun.. [James Nasmyth: Engineer, An Autobiography.]

The flame of the tapers was agitated, the fine clouds which overshadowed the throne formed themselves into graceful shapes, the old man broke his chains, resumed his wings, and flew away.. [Selections from _The Last Man_]

After that, the load kind of tapers off gradually till about 4: 00 in the afternoon.. [CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Power Crisis: California ISO Holds News Conference on Rolling Blackouts - January 18, 2001]

Vytran will also display samples of fiber laser components such as tapers, combiners, end-caps, probes, fiber terminations and lenses that have been produced using its unique equipment.. [Marketwire - Breaking News Releases]

It kind of tapers off a bit around the middle, but then you get a bit of a tone change as well.. [AnimeBlogger.net Antenna]

Well, you've still got some of the old school "tapers" out there who still enjoy the thrill of trying to sneak things into a performance and record them and to be honest, some artists (and venues) are actually ok with this and encourage it.. [Expecting Rain]

When we get to around the holidays and so forth it kind of tapers off at the end of the fourth quarter.. [SeekingAlpha.com: Home Page]

The woods begin at the edge of the bean field and consists of high ground for about 200 yards into the woods, then tapers to swamp for almost 3/4 of a mile, and after is really wet and ends at a river.. [Vermont Hunting Accident Will Go To Trial]

The whiskers actually stand proud of the facial plumage like a real moustache, one that is broadest around the eyes and tapers to long, waxed tips either side of the throat.. [Country diary: Claxton, Norfolk]

Demand-side dynamics are set to remain strong while global gold supply tapers off in coming years as projects become more expensive to develop and government approvals are harder to get.. [Newmont CEO: Dollar Slide, China to Underpin Gold's Move Toward $2,000]

The writer of the editorial claims that as a nation becomes wealthier its citizens 'demand for durable goods tapers off while their demand for more government services increases, which sup .... [Economic Policy Analysis, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

As the summer tapers to an end, I seem to spend more time on the rifle range than the pistol range.. [Do you think that hunting is a good way to bond with your wife or a good way to escape her?]

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