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Definitions and meanings of "Tappets"

What do we mean by tappets?

A lever or projection which is moved by some other piece, as a cam, or intended to tap or touch something else, in order to produce change or regulate motion.

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The word "tappets" in example sentences

Then the procession set off again, holding high their tappets, their clutch, their shocks. ❋ M. T. Anderson (2010)

Anyway, the man gets up on the roof, looks around for awhile, comes back down, says we need a new roof, a soffit vent (whatever that is), our tappets are too tight and it's going to cost us $45,000. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Each made from the curving, almost-circular tusk of a wild boar, polished to a deep ivory glow, the ends capped with silver tappets, etched with flowered tracery. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The tappets were out and the pistons were slapping. ❋ Child, Lee (1997)

For plain weave using two shafts, or for four shafts working as two so as to avoid overcrowding of the healds, the tappets are fixed on the bottom-shaft, and hence rotate at half the top-shaft speed. ❋ Unknown (1983)

Firstly, it operates the treadles by means of diametrically opposed cams (tappets) in order to raise and lower the healds alternately for the production of plain-weave fabric (the arrangement for other simple weaves is dealt with later). ❋ Unknown (1983)

On the Lancashire loom, these simple weaves can be made by installing a separate tappet shaft on which tappets of appropriate shape can be mounted and driven at the required speed by change-gearing from the bottom shaft. ❋ Unknown (1983)

The other four fabrics are twills which require additional heald staves and tappets. ❋ Unknown (1983)

Similarly, a four stave twill will require four tappets rotating on a shaft turning at one quarter of the speed of the top shaft. ❋ Unknown (1983)

For weaves woven by means of tappets which require more than two staves, more complex multiple roller reversing motions can be fitted to the Lancashire loom or, alternatively, spring-operated reversing motions, of which there are a number of designs, can be used. ❋ Unknown (1983)

The ribbon, B, is provided throughout its length with equidistant apertures that exactly correspond to tappets that project from the circumference of the wheel, R. ❋ Various (N/A)

The most important principle to note, and on which the different machines employed are designed, is this: The punches or matrices acting on the chain at its different points of progress are put in motion by spiral springs worked by means of tappets or cams distributed over the circumference of a cylinder, having a rotary movement imparted to it by pulleys and belts. ❋ Various (N/A)

For the rest, he filled gas tanks, changed and pumped up tires, tested batteries, oiled tappets. ❋ Edna Ferber (1926)

Camshaft rocker lever rollers and tappets, as well as gear pins, were quenched directly from the carbonizing heat in water and then case-refined and rehardened by quenching in water from a temperature of from ❋ Unknown (1916)

Moreover, by some unhappy mistake, it is too far from its work, and the result is a succession of sharp blows on the tappets, with injury to all the gear. ❋ Richard Francis Burton (1855)

Sounds as if you may have a more serious problem than just noisy tappets. ❋ Unknown (2010)

If the oil pressure is low noisy tappets are one of the warning signs. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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