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    The black truffle tarama and the jambon pata negra are also well worth putting in the takeaway bag.. [10 of the best shops in Paris]

    I think I'm going to ask George for the tarama recipe, I didn't lick the bowl clean but it was a close call!. [At My Table]

    Nor would you want to hear about the tarama with green beans and carrots, plated with a tangle of salad leaves and topped with crispy fried garlic, pine nuts and breadcrumbs, a play on a Polonaise topping.. [At My Table]

    Should I reveal to you that I'm going to tie Mr Biron up until he reveals the secret of his lighter-than-air tarama with its extraordinarily delicate brininess that makes a mockery of any that have gone before under the name?. [At My Table]

    In a mixing bowl, mash together the potatoes (or bread) with the tarama.. [GREEK - CYPRIOT CUISINE]

    Do not just dump them in, and then mix them, because the mixture is likely to turn into an eternal sea of oil with clumps of tarama and potato (and there's no way to fix that).. [GREEK - CYPRIOT CUISINE]

    Though I never go without hummus and tzatziki when it's available, what really had my attention rapt was the tarama.. [Archive 2007-04-01]

    The three of us went to Tarver's Deli in Sunnyvale (now closed, I think) and picked up some flat bread, tarama (carp roe), basturma, and a ball of vicious cheese we've never found anywhere else.. [What's my motivation?]

    Small; often salted; pressed and dried for bottarga Italy: bottarga, Greece: tarama; Japan: karasumi. [On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen]

    Very small, light pink; sometimes salted Greece: tarama. [On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen]

    This was the hour when the entire extended family would join him, gossiping, munching on pistachios or roasted melon seeds, dipping bread in pungent babaghanou or tarama salat.. [Apricots on the Nile]

    A large meze combo called Greek spreads provided a nice sampling of lemony, mousse-like taramosalata (traditionally carp or tarama caviar), tzatziki, melitzanes salata (a lovely eggplant puree), dolmathes (marinated grape leaves bulging with cooked rice) and three types of olives, accompanied by grilled pita bread.. [NYT > Home Page]

    He began his recital with Vinayakuni vale in Hamsadhwani with detailed swaram followed by Sogasu Chuuda tarama in Kannada Gowlam, which was presented with punching swaram.. [The Hindu - Front Page]

    Shouldn't be too hard to remedy, as the kitchen's capable of bolder flavors - putting items like caviar-whipped tarama (think hummus with intense salinity) on the menu is proof.. []

    I am not sure what I like the best: the tarama, the falafel, the bland yet oddly addictive chopped liver, or the green olive tapenade.. [Just Hungry - Japanese recipes, healthy and fun eating, the expat food life and more.]

    Even when he wades into the well-worn canon of Greek classics, he does them right: the creamiest, chickeniest avgolemono soup I've ever spooned through; a greaseless vegetarian moussaka topped with a bechamel as light as cappuccino foam; lemony, hand-rolled grape leaves; and an array of zesty Mediterranean dips that go well beyond the norm (carp roe-braced tarama salata; garlic-laced skordalia; mashed lentils piqued with anchovy).. [Philly.com - Latest Videos]

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