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Hyphenation N/A
Pronunciations /ˈtɑɹnɪʃt/

Definitions and meanings of "Tarnished"

What do we mean by tarnished?

To oxidize or discolor due to oxidation.

To soil, sully, damage or compromise

To lose its lustre or attraction; to become dull.

(adj): useless, unattractive, or unappealing an any way; describes someone or something that is all-around poor in quality Urban Dictionary

Drunk,wasted,fucked up, usually after consumption of alcohol Urban Dictionary

To sully, soil, make dirty. Urban Dictionary

Someone unfit, even to graft Urban Dictionary

Old,junk, or garbage Urban Dictionary

One who lost the grace of the Erdtree and were consequently banished from the Lands Between by Queen Marika the Eternal. Urban Dictionary

Puckering up and blowing into someone's as hole and pushing down on their stomach while they have diarrhea. Making it explode onto their face upon release. Urban Dictionary

A lesbian who has been with a man. Urban Dictionary

Someone who's breath smells so bad, not only does it disconcertingly resemble the oddly specific stench of a sweaty vagina, it also gives other people cavities. Urban Dictionary

A racist term against the English. See also: Crumpet Cruncher Tooth Tarnishing Twat Urban Dictionary

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The word "tarnished" in example sentences

Amanda Knox will have her name tarnished for decades because there will always be a lingering doubt about her innocence or guilt in the minds of some. ❋ Unknown (2011)

"I don't need my name tarnished in this way, this is wrong." ❋ Unknown (2011)

Singh's ruling Congress party-led coalition government has seen its term tarnished by a string of corruption scams that have paralyzed parliament, led to the sacking of a minister, and eroded public confidence in the prime minister and his party. ❋ Unknown (2011)

But, as the magazine Atlantic reported this week, thousands of livelihoods remain tarnished because it's tough to convince diners that local crustaceans are palatable, despite the shops festooned with signs insisting "it's safe to eat our gulf coast seafood". ❋ Andrew Clark (2010)

Whoever feels that their reputation has been tarnished is definitely not my business. ❋ Jerine (2008)

His name tarnished, Powell slipped away from the limelight after Bush's first term and remained largely out of sight for a number of years. ❋ Unknown (2009)

AAR at best will be another content company with a name tarnished by bad management bankruptcy. ❋ Unknown (2008)

But it's just very hard to have this -- have our name tarnished by an incident like this because I know a lot of students here have the same school spirt and sense of pride that I do and it's just really, really difficult to see this happening to our school. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Himself, the girls, their name tarnished in the sight of his schoolfellows and of Crum, of the men at Oxford, of — Holly! ❋ Unknown (2004)

Himself, the girls, their name tarnished in the sight of his schoolfellows and of Crum, of the men at Oxford, of -- Holly! ❋ John Galsworthy (1900)

He wrote that Dr. Livingstone wore a cap with a tarnished gold lace band; but the printer altered the word tarnished into famished, to the serious confusion of the passage. ❋ Unknown (1893)

When you feared that the net was closing about you and you would be brought to justice, you sought to make a double dupe of me by a marriage with me, imagining, I suppose, that I would suffer in silence, if the theft was ever discovered, rather than have my name tarnished by a public scandal. ❋ Mrs. Georgie Sheldon (1884)

He wrote that Dr. Livingstone wore a cap with a tarnished gold lace band; but the printer altered the word tarnished into _famished_, to the serious confusion of the passage. ❋ Henry Benjamin Wheatley (1877)

Do you want to die here in prison, leaving your name tarnished, and smirched with suspicion of crime, when you can live to proclaim your innocence to the world? ❋ Unknown (1872)

And yet the gibbet -- my name tarnished -- my escutcheon blotted by the hangman! ❋ William Harrison Ainsworth (1843)

\Example 1\ Person 1: Imma keep it real [witcho] ass chief these [Fritos] taste like trash. Person 2: Yeah that shit's tarnished\Example 2\ Person 1: Bro that bitch Vanessa fine af no cap Person 2: Nah bro her cheeks nice but that face be tarnished as a mf. \Example 3\ Person 1: Yo these J's [hard af] bruh Person 2: Nah these shits tarnished no cap ❋ Real Yung Ninja (2018)

Dude, [last night] I was tarnished after they [busted out] that [cuervo]. ❋ Energizer (2006)

[The painting] has been [tarnished] over the [years] of being mishandled. ❋ Larstait (2003)

[Godrick] the [Grafted]: [Foul Tarnished], thou'rt unfit even to graft ❋ Nuttjob97 (2022)

[Gurl] i thought u was still [goin] out wit him! Gurl [bye]! He was a tarnished ring. ❋ ILl Ma (2006)

"Foul Tarnished, in [search] of the [Elden Ring]." ❋ I Would Like To Go Home (2023)

You should have seen John [gag] after he played the "[Tarnished trumpet]". I've never seen anyone [run to] get a shower that fast. ❋ 72Ironhead73 (2017)

[that girl] can't be a [Tarnished Star] [at all]! ❋ TittaGay (2012)

*[scrunches] face in disgust* "Jesus Christ Bill, [brush your teeth], you [tooth tarnishing twat]" ❋ The Insult Man (2021)

those damn [tooth] tarnishing [crumpet] [crunchers] are stealing our land again ❋ The Insult Man (2021)

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