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Definitions of "tasks"

  • Plural form of task. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of task. verb

The word "tasks" in example sentences

BootstrapperTask which I have shown in my public class StartBackgroundTasks: IBootstrapperTask private readonly IBackgroundTask [] _tasks; public StartBackgroundTasks (IBackgroundTask [] tasks) _tasks = tasks; public void Execute () foreach (IBackgroundTask task in _tasks) task.. [ASP.NET Weblogs]

I also gave him several short term tasks to perform over the holidays.. [Rebecca Joseph: 10 Tips For Prospective College Transfer Students]

One of the State’s main tasks is to maintain its armed forces so as to preserve the independence of the nation, the freedom of its people, the integrity of its territory, the freedom of its trade and to act in pursuit of the political and diplomatic interests of Her Majesty’s Government.. [Archive 2007-06-24]

Now, with spreadsheet editing, you can accomplish the same tasks from a spreadsheet view.. [New Interface Thursday: Introducing spreadsheet editing]

Here, he was involved in tasks such as calculating the number of worldwide casualities from a full-scale nuclear war.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

I think when you get to around Week 9 one of the tasks is to go back and re-read your morning pages.. [Flipping the Switch – A Look Back After Three Months of The Artist’s Way « Looking for Roots]

The Amazing Race, which sends 12 two-person teams racing around the world while collecting clues and completing tasks, is a steady ratings winner for CBS on Sunday nights and has won seven Emmys for best reality show.. [“The Amazing Race” Champs Meghan & Cheyne Accept $1 Million Prize [VIDEO]]

Sometimes we must ask whether government can do certain tasks efficiently and see whether we can restructure the system with fewer people and at lower cost.. [Matthew Yglesias » When the Federal Government Tightens Its Belt, Who Feels The Squeeze?]

If roaming agents can't help with certain tasks, such as rebooking, they may direct customers to self-service kiosks or agents at the desk.. [Airport Check-in: American Airlines expands help for fliers]

An easily portable appliance that can do basic computing tasks is pretty useful for a lot of people, and neither the iphone nor a standard laptop really fits the bill.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Tablet Hype]

Using humans on the moon for these sorts of tasks is like using the ISS for space-based solar power.. [Why the Moon? Here's Why. - NASA Watch]

The list of necessary tasks is long and well-known.. [Dean Baker: Beneficent Counterfeiters and Economic Stimulus]

It is his firm belief that all conflicts can be solved, and his current main tasks deal with conflict resolution, peace-building and state-building.. [Martti Ahtisaari - Biography]

I would probably say that the youth gang is a nearly universal form of social organization and it is well suited for performing certain tasks related to prohibited crimes.. [Theory of the Hooligan Firm, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

That, with the application of engineering techniques, the direction of all forms of human activity according to a single coherent plan should prove to be as successful in society as it has been in innumerable engineering tasks, is too plausible a conclusion not to seduce most of those who are elated by the achievement of the natural sciences.. [Why Oh Why Can't Hayek Write Better?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Let's face it, we will always need human resources for certain tasks like the advertising and marketing, but technology allows us to automate more and more which is why entrepreneurship is so improtant because we need more jobs to replace the ones being eliminated by automation. blog comments powered by Disqus. [Women Grow Business » Would Your Small Business Agree? Human Resources Would Be So Much Easier Without Humans]

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