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Definitions of "technique"

  • The systematic procedure by which a complex or scientific task is accomplished. noun
  • The way in which the fundamentals, as of an artistic work, are handled. noun
  • Skill or command in handling such fundamentals. See Synonyms at art1. noun
  • The method or manner of performance in any art; -- also called technic. noun
  • The body of technical methods and procedures used in a science or craft. noun
  • the detailed movements used for executing an artistic performance; technical skill; artistic execution. noun
  • Same as technic: used especially in criticism of music and art. noun
  • a practical method or art applied to some particular task noun
  • skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity noun

The word "technique" in example sentences

This technique is about solving back pain caused by poor posture.. [The Alexander Technique Provides Short-Term Relief From Back Pain | Lifehacker Australia]

The disadvantage of this technique is the number of variables.. [Stay Safe: Jaywalk | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

The photos above show printed-out pages, but this technique is also useful for attaching blank pages for handwritten notes.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

The second part of the technique is a strike to the brachial plexus origin.. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1000]

So why this distrust of virtuosity, this assumption that somehow, if your technique is astonishingly good, your emotional connection with the music must necessarily suffer?. [Come Fly With Me]

Further reading should then make clear that the basis of this technique is as described above.. [Mexican House Construction - a Common Misunderstanding]

Its called “bringing people together” in Obamaland, but the technique is at least 80 years old.. [Glad to be Wrong about the Election « Blog]

This technique is also advocated by those who believe it is the right thing to do.. [Balkinization]

I'm not sure exactly what you call the technique that's used, but I'm pretty sure it's that dealie that was used in Waking Life (never saw it -- was it good?) where they film the movie live and then somehow give those images an animation-type feel.. [Hank Shteamer: Dick-ed Over]

She could definitely benefit from lessons from Anya Garnis in Latin technique because I think she's capable of better, but just hasn't learned how.. [Tonya Plank: So You Think You Can Dance Top Eight, and Desmond Richardson!]

The two Mi's, indeed, accomplished a far-reaching reform in Chinese technique; they enriched painting with a new imagery and founded a school which, like that of Ma, exerted an influence on later periods and was strongly felt in Korea.. [Chinese Painters A Critical Study]

I'll describe how the process works in Photoshop Elements, but the technique translates to many other photo editors as well.. [PCWorld]

Iznik collection - Created using cloisonné enameling, a rare multistep technique that combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with a unique traditional hand painting technique from the Turkish city of Iznik.. [ Latest News]

Her shooting form, however, was all wrong, so she started from scratch, learning proper technique from the shortest of distances.. [The MetroWest Daily News Homepage RSS]

Morris has gotten many people to admit many a self-incriminating story on film and we loved that he calls his technique, the. [GreenCine Daily]

And one of our greatest architects, Walter Gropius, proclaims what he calls the technique of "collaboration among men, which would release the creative instincts of the individual instead of smothering them.. [slackbastard]

Technique on Social Media

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@keralioc: Chers lycéens, la technique du mouchoir, c'est la vie. Ne l'oubliez pas ! #teamcroquis


Qui a une technique pour dormir


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@Arsenal: Is it possible to ever get bored of this technique? Asking for a friend. 😍 @MesutOzil1088


What an absolutely amazing effort with your overhead squats from everyone though out the day from 10:15-Beginners!…

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  • Character9
  • Hyphenation tech nique


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