Character 9
Hyphenation tel lu rous
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Tellurous"

What do we mean by tellurous?

Of, relating to, or derived from tellurium, especially with valence 4. adjective

Of, pertaining to, or obtained from tellurium.

Of or pertaining to tellurium; derived from, or containing, tellurium; specifically, designating those compounds in which the element has a lower valence as contrasted with telluric compounds. adjective

Containing tellurium in a higher valency than in telluric compounds. adjective

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The word "tellurous" in example sentences

Telluric acid is reduced to tellurous (with evolution of chlorine) on boiling with hydrochloric acid. ❋ Cornelius Beringer (1886)

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What does tellurous mean?

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