Definitions and meanings of "Temperature"

What do we mean by temperature?

The degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment. noun

A measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a sample of matter, expressed in terms of units or degrees designated on a standard scale. noun

The degree of heat in the body of a living organism, usually about 37.0°C (98.6°F) in humans. noun

An abnormally high condition of body heat caused by illness; a fever. noun

In phenology, the temperature below which the germination of the seed and the growth of the plant do not take place. noun

Mixture, or that which is produced by mixture; a compound. noun

Constitution; state; temperament. noun

Moderation; freedom from passions or excesses. noun

Temper, as of metals. noun

Temperateness; mildness. noun

The state of a substance with regard to sensible heat; the degree or intensity of the sensible heat of a body. noun

Specifically, the thermal element of weather or climate. noun

In physiology and pathology, the degree of heat of a living body, especially of the human body. It is usually taken, clinically, in the axilla, under the tongue, or in the rectum. noun

Constitution; state; degree of any quality. noun

Freedom from passion; moderation. noun

Condition with respect to heat or cold, especially as indicated by the sensation produced, or by the thermometer or pyrometer; degree of heat or cold noun

Mixture; compound. noun

The degree of heat of the body of a living being, esp. of the human body; also (Colloq.), loosely, the excess of this over the normal (of the human body 98°-99.5° F., in the mouth of an adult about 98.4°). noun

A measure of cold or heat, often measurable with a thermometer.

An elevated body temperature, as present in fever and many illnesses.

A property of macroscopic amounts of matter that serves to gauge the average intensity of the random actual motions of the individually mobile particulate constituents. http//arxiv.org/pdf/physics/0004055

The state or condition of being tempered or moderated.

The balance of humours in the body, or one's character or outlook as considered determined from this; temperament.

The only word spoken by Sean Paul that can be understood  Urban Dictionary

If someone is feeling feverish. They may ask someone to check if he /she has a temperature.  Urban Dictionary

A plan .  Urban Dictionary

Having fever... body temperature goin above 98 degree.... body going warm....  Urban Dictionary

Feeling the perfect temperature in a room.  Urban Dictionary

The opposite of using temperature words to describe looks. Temperatureness is often used to distinguish between being hot or cool in a temperature, instead of physical appearance.  Urban Dictionary

The art of keeping a comfortable temperature in a public place such as a restaurant or store.  Urban Dictionary

You take a girls temperature by slipping a surprise thumb up her butt, while she’s giving you a blow job.  Urban Dictionary

When something is really really good! Refering to something being hot! WARNING! Only to be used to describe the VERY best i.e. something that cannot be topped by anything else.  Urban Dictionary

When the water in your swimming pool is so damn hot it is no longer refreshing. Falls Between Comfortable & Piss Warm  Urban Dictionary

The word "temperature" in example sentences

How to use temperature in a sentence? Example sentences with the temperature, a sentence example for temperature, and how to make temperature in sample sentence, how do I use the word temperature in a sentence? How do you spell temperature in a sentence?

The latter temperature (106) still stands as the highest official temperature* ever recorded for Washington, and without air conditioning at that!   ❋ Unknown (2010)

The temperature to which a substance must be heated in order to burn and continue to burn is called the _kindling temperature_ of that substance.   ❋ Carlotta Cherryholmes Greer (N/A)

Adaptation to shifts in temperature is not that difficult ...   ❋ Bill Scher (2010)

If you claim Earth's increase in temperature is caused by humans then Mars increase in temperature is caused by humans.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

If the conservatives truly read the available information and were honest they would see the HUGE swings in temperature is a sign of bad things to come.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

This DOES NOT mean that the current rise in temperature is due to natural causes as well.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

He showed that the magnetic properties of a given substance change at a certain temperature - this temperature is now known as the Curie point.   ❋ Unknown (1967)

Back in the Bluegrass, where the temperature is a humane fifty Fahrenheit and rising.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

A new UCI rule for this season allows water hand-ups at ‘cross races when the temperature is above 68 degrees, at the race officials’ discretion.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

During the day, the temperature is about 45 or 50 and when you start movng it feels great.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

With the value of the cosmological constant we observe, this temperature is about 10-30 Kelvin.   ❋ Gordon McCabe (2009)

In fact, it could be said that my temperature is above normal.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Sean Paul: hoomandeweiyeadedchineigtdry temperature keepinuunuhoh Listener: WTF? ❋ Pblcnme (2006)

By placing a hand on the head to check if the head is hot and feverish and to see if the person has a temperature. The person may ask "have i got a temperature" or sympathetically - "tempwature" ❋ Snarly (2008)

What’s the temperature for tonight ? “Not sure yet might be fucking this one girl , you ?” ❋ AudemarOmnitrix (2019)

Hey ur body is so warm... u've got temperature i think i cant come for the party, im having temperature ❋ Samreen (2006)

I'm feeling so temperaturized right now. ❋ Nitewarrior (2011)

I am feeling hot, in temperatureness. I am hot, but not in temperatureness. ❋ Correct11 (2010)

I am cold! They need to temperaturize this restaurant. ❋ Tabitha Extra (2017)

Things were getting nice and hot, so I took her temperature. She said, “ooh baby, not right there.” ❋ Sir Beardsley (2018)

"That girls bootie got temperature" "I went to a club last nite and the trax the DJ was playing had temperature" ❋ SuperThought (2003)

Mike - Hey , You guys wanna come over swimming? Tom - Hell no, It would be more refreshing swimming in my mothers womb! Ray - Yeah, Having a WOMB Temperature pool is not cool! ❋ M Mac (2010)

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