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A hard external covering, as that of certain amoebas, dinoflagellates, and sea urchins. noun

A procedure for critical evaluation; a means of determining the presence, quality, or truth of something; a trial. noun

A series of questions, problems, or physical responses designed to determine knowledge, intelligence, or ability. noun

A basis for evaluation or judgment. noun

A physical or chemical change by which a substance may be detected or its properties ascertained. noun

A cupel. noun

To subject to a test; try. intransitive verb

To determine the presence or properties of (a substance). intransitive verb

To assay (metal) in a cupel. intransitive verb

To undergo a test. intransitive verb

To administer a test. intransitive verb

To achieve a score or rating on tests. intransitive verb

To exhibit a given characteristic when subjected to a test. intransitive verb

A potsherd. noun

In zoology, the hard covering of certain animals; a shell; a lorica. noun

In botany, same as testa, 2. noun

A test for blood in the urine. On boiling with caustic alkali, the resultant precipitate of phosphates will present a red color. noun

For glucose, as in urine, a strip of white woolen cloth steeped in a 1:3 solution of stannous chlorid in water and dried. Such a test strip, dipped into the suspected liquid and then heated to 130° C., turns brown if glucose is present. noun

A challenge, trial.

A cupel or cupelling hearth in which precious metals are melted for trial and refinement.

(academia) An examination, given often during the academic term.

A session in which a product or piece of equipment is examined under everyday or extreme conditions to evaluate its durability, etc.

(normally “Test”) A Test match.

The external calciferous shell, or endoskeleton, of an echinoderm, e.g. sand dollars and sea urchins.

Testa; seed coat.

Judgment; distinction; discrimination.

1. the main cause of explosions. 2. any thing dreaded that your "teachers" say is "good" for you. soon after, you explode for no reason. 3. what scientists do to make stuff explode. 4. when a sheet of paper explodes into flames. Urban Dictionary

Slang for testosterone..steroid hormones. Urban Dictionary

To check if something coresponds the promised result or what effect does it have at all. Urban Dictionary

A means of evaluating another person's character through a series of unannounced, inconspicuous examinations. Developed by Eddie, it serves to define which people are desirable company and which should not be associated with. As a general rule, a test-passer is a good person while a test-failer is a bad person. Passing the test results in the joyous proclamation that "You pass the test!" Failure of a test is announced simply by saying "You failed the test." This phrase is often used to show general disdain for a person's existence. Urban Dictionary

A process for testing things Urban Dictionary

This article in a nutshell. I just want to test out teh entry system. Urban Dictionary

1. A process of finding out whether something works or not. 2. An oral or written exam to find out one's ability in one or more subjects. Urban Dictionary

To try someone or go up against another by getting on ones nerves or manhood. Urban Dictionary

Test Urban Dictionary

A test is an effort made to test out a solution. Urban Dictionary

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Posted Yesterday, 11: 26 pm possible debugging - var test = "imageurl" + TLSTimeInSeconds; alert ( "Looking for:" +test);

Create a folder named test that contains two files one named. _test.txt and test. txt on OSX and copy to an SMB share on W2k3. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[test] writeable = yes force user = test force group = test path =/test write list = test @test ❋ Thetzawko (2010)

Class - goodmorning mr. jonas Joe - * holds up a stack of papers* were gonna start today with a science test Class - * all groan* Joe - oh stop it, its not that hard * hands out the tests* remember, if u have any questions, raise ur hands. you have 45 minutes to do this, so enjoy * sits at his desk/looks at nick* Nick - * looks up at him/mouths* evil Joe - * mouths back* I love you Nick - * blushes/starts his test* ~Right Before Lunch~ Nick - ❋ Unknown (2010)

RUN explorer c: \ send {t} {space} this will select the test file, but not always, as there could be more files starting with a t and no i dont want to put a highly unusual character infront of test. txt, like ~test. txt to make it stand out, this is really n gging me other yucky workaround: run cmd,, winwaitactive C: \Windows\system32\cmd. exe send explorer/select, % profile%\my jumplists\kk\edit kk. lnk {enter} sleep 200 winclose C: \Windows\system32\cmd. exe ❋ Unknown (2009)

I’m arguing that a test whose answer is used to justify an action which causes the failure of the test, is invalid *as a test*. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Try not to use the word test when describing what will happen. ❋ Karen Quinn (2010)

We know how much anxiety even the word test can produce. ❋ Linda Gale (1998)

We fail to see why the label test design should be acceptable to the MHRA given that, first, it considers that homeopathic products have no effect beyond placebo and, second, Arnica Montana 30C contains no active ingredient and there is no scientific evidence that it has been demonstrated to be efficacious. ❋ Jason Walsh (2010)

The combined burden of EJBs and coarse-grained component design has given the term test driven design a new meaning: technology driven design! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Dramatic wording aside, we think the test is a good way — in addition to other quality of life considerations such as job availability, population size and so on — to help move you closer to your happy zone. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And why the hell should we accept that the person who fashioned this test is any sort of authority on anything? ❋ Sovay (2009)

Sometimes this test is also called a qualitative HCV test. ❋ Unknown (2010)

VA studies show that doctors are often overwhelmed by alerts and may not follow up, eve n when an alert says the test is abnormal. ❋ Laura Landro (2010)

For the disorders it covers, the test is at least as accurate as common single-disease tests, the company says. ❋ Michael Totty (2010)

Since, the customers are not made aware that Andrea might be a computer program, the test is a blind test. ❋ Unknown (2010)

1. test [sodium] and water. 2. SAT is a test. 3. [Monkeys]. 4. you brought your [lighter] to test. ❋ Monn-unit (2006)

This [cycle] I'm [stacking] test with [fina] for some serious gains. ❋ Test Is Best (2007)

By [typing] in the word "test" you [prolly] tried to [search] if there was a definition for this word. ❋ Sm1g (2008)

"You didn't make eye contact while saying 'thank you.' You failed [the test]." "You forgot to [hold the door] open for me... failed the test." "You [passed the test] - you offered me a piece of sausage from your pizza." ❋ Eddiehashiv (2006)

[This is a test] [message] ❋ Tester (2004)

[HELLO WORLD]. [THIS IS A TEST]. ❋ Someone Out There Who Is Bored (2020)

1. Lets [test out] that abandoned car! 2. [NOOO]!! We have a test in [math class] today! I'm going to fail1! ❋ Mattomynameo (2005)

1.He's really trying to test my paitience! 2.Yo if that nigga wanna [test me] i'm going to have to show him something. 3.([Rasta]) You no [wan] ta test me boy!!! ❋ Dajinx1979 (2006)

test ❋ Randunel (2020)

[I wrote this] as a test ❋ Mikey303030 (2007)

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