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Definitions and meanings of "Testicularity"

What do we mean by testicularity?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word testicularity. Define testicularity, testicularity synonyms, testicularity pronunciation, testicularity translation, English dictionary definition of testicularity.

Noun 1. A man's degree of brazenness, resiliance and testicular fortitude. 2. A measure of how ballsy someone is. 3. The ability to stomach that which is unwholesome. Urban Dictionary

Testicular + peculiarities : cockup stuff males never admit as wrongdoing! And just go blame it on their male hormonal make-up... , y'know? I liked that word so much, I searched my 'wordrobe' for more and here's what I found (you'll be gobshite-smacked!): -MACHOs: males acting childish, hormonal and obnoxious! -egotesticles: egotistical testicles! HAHA! -testyria: testicular hysteria! -testosterone-poisoning: an excuse whenever you miss up stuff so bad! -MAS: male-answer syndrome, or 'manswer'... is the tendency for a male to come up fast with a random answer even if he has zip idea what's he talking about, fueled by testosterone! Urban Dictionary

Aka: Blue Balls. Either to be teased to erection and have no release of Semen. To not have got laid in a while Urban Dictionary

1. Of or on the male body, and sometimes female body (but don't tell no one). A way of expressing your manhood. 2. A hippopotamus wearing a skirt. Urban Dictionary

David Reusch Urban Dictionary

A Disease in males that stops sperm production and increases calcium in kidneys Urban Dictionary

Having a ball, that is, having a great time Urban Dictionary

When something is "hot as balls" Urban Dictionary

When a man allows a woman to twist his Scrotum so tightly that the individual testicles are no longer distinguishable. Typically requires 8-10 complete twists to achieve Testicular Singularity. Urban Dictionary

A 9th level spell that can only be casted by the greatest wizards of the realm. When casted, a magical force twists one or both testicles of the persons afflicted, causing immeasurable pain and anguish. When casted on a person with no junk, the only affects are a mild tummy ache or rampant expulsion of gas from your rectum. Urban Dictionary

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The word "testicularity" in example sentences

COLLINS: No. WIESE: They don't lack a certain testicularity. ❋ Unknown (2003)

Hell, he oozed testicularity, blast her — and the loyal followers of his column could swear to it. ❋ Foster, Lori (2001)

Max crept up behind her, determined to set her straight, to make her learn the error of taunting his testicularity, which he had in spades. ❋ Foster, Lori (2001)

A man's man, full of beef and testicularity and dumbassitude. ❋ Mark Peters (2010)

So there it sat for all to behold and ponder and ultimately flee from, powered by a testicularity Larry Scott could not be previously suspected of as a former tennis exec whose last football game attended was confessed to be Harvard/Yale, not anything as titanic as anything he'd oversee as commissioner of the Holy Throwin 'Empire he was proposing. ❋ Unknown (2010)

And who will never have the testicularity to do what he should. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He was able to [negotiate] the car [salesman's] price down even lower, thanks to his [brutish] testicularity. ❋ Jim Sammartino (2008)

[Testicularities]? Heh, you telling me? [Blame it] [on the T]! ❋ Hammer---;, Hytham (2007)

Dude [my balls hurt] its [beyond] [blue balls]... i think i have Testicularitis!!!! ❋ Dj JynXx (2006)

1. We're men, MEN!, [manly men], the kind of men that have big [testiculars]. 2. That is one big [testicular]! ❋ Noltons6 (2009)

Hey [honey] I am feeling [testicularism] [flowing] through me ❋ Eckel123 (2019)

[My Nigga] Has Testicularitis ❋ Ball Desease (2021)

Yo [Brian], wasn't that [party] [testicular]?? ❋ Havingatesticulartime (2004)

[wow] its [really] testicular [outside] ❋ Newyoka (2015)

[Boris]: "Hey Jeff, wanna come watch the football game at my house this sunday?" Jeff: "[No thanks] Boris! My wife and [I will be] attempting to achieve Testicular Singularity that day!" ❋ Hugh Honey (2020)

Nice Shopkeeper - "[Hello sir], what can I get you today?" Me, a [wizard] with a short temper - "[TESTICULAR TORSION]!!!!" ❋ TyrantDweller (2023)

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What does testicularity mean?

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