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The cost of all the equipment needed to perform the tests is around $250,000, but each test would cost only $350 to $550.. [Boing Boing: February 29, 2004 - March 6, 2004 Archives]

The original basis for this hypothesis was a series of tests from the US Army after WWII.. [Matthew Yglesias » Neighborhood Diversity]

The wife of one of my colleagues teaches first grade here; they start working on the kids to pass standardized tests from the begining of first grade.. [Matthew Yglesias » By Request: Teacher’s Unions]

The most important thing about these tests is that it takes emotion out of the equation and gives you the best potential candidate for the job.. [Ways to Hiring the Right Employee the First Time | myFiveBest]

The reporter took the liberty to present as fact that colleges had looked further than ACT scores for admission even-though such standardized tests is the current focus in education.. [Preferring Ignorance, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

We need better tests is what I'm really saying, and we need to support research to develop those better tests.. [Sorting Through Mammogram Confusion]

And fewer death-to-the brain tests that are valued more for grades earned by rote learning than minds truly enriched and stimulated by the subject studied.. [Sherman Yellen: Some Grunts From a Grumpy Guy]

The intense focus on constructing new tests is likely to make it more difficult to implement the assessment reforms students, teachers and our society need and deserve.. [Reduce standardized testing to improve accountability, school quality]

He said, "The reason we have more students taking the tests is that we retained the students (i.e., they didn't drop out as they were previously doing) and not, as you state, because we 'draw more students.'". [What Jerry Bracey would have said about Locke High]

Biogas extracted from manure was considered the best alternative in tests which covered biogas, ethanol and biodiesel in different variants.. [Study of Biofuel Use Shows Large Climate Benefit | Impact Lab]

Repeated tests show these work over 99% of the time, but something like 60 have failed in tests of the equipment.. [June « 2010 « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website]

While acknowledging that there would be a “resource issue,” Neiman said that continuing the stress tests is like taking your car in for a check-up, even when it seems everything seems to be running okay.. [Wonk Room » TARP Oversight Panel Member Endorses ‘Semi-Regular’ Stress Tests]

The problem with reality tests is there is no answer key to copy off from (not that i advocate cheating).. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Talks that change the way you see your world]

From the SAT to the NFL, the problem with short-term tests .. [Measurements That Mislead]

What's more, we were able to draw upon cutting edge genetics to offer certain tests to our guests that did not even exist when I filmed my first African American Lives series just a few years ago.. [Henry Louis Gates, Jr.: Faces of America: The Yamaguchi Story -- How an Immigrant Farmer Paved the Way for Success]

Actually, in tests, it has turned out that the complaint was due to the music being more accurately rendered than the listeners were used to, so they objected to it.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Pondering Images]

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@thehill Shouldn't we be making a show of force to curtail these tests? What in the hell is the president thinking?

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