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A text (literary theory) is any object that can be read, including: Documents: Religious text, a writing that a religious tradition considers to be sacred Textbook, a book of instruction in any branch of studyText may also refer to:.

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Definitions of "texts"

  • Plural form of text. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of text. verb

The word "texts" in example sentences

With the Internet, and especially with Google Books, it is becoming easier to research and to read original Latin texts from the Renaissance, which adds veracity to any argument.. [The Vatican’s Dictionary of Recent Latinity « The Half-Baked Maker]

The authority of the texts is always on the side of the extremists, because they do say what they say.. [Transcending God]

My plan is to create a template drawing with some label texts then use VBA to open the template drawing, change the label (which is text) then save it as a new drawing, close it and continue to creating another. [All Discussion Groups: Message List - root]

This inquiring mind wants to know if the parochial schools order their texts from the same company.. [Think Progress » Texas Education Agency Slams Fox News’s Fearmongering About The State’s Social Studies Curriculum Changes]

Granted, the loss of the ancient texts from the Library of Alexandria (libraries, actually …) will never be compensable.. [Women Grow Business » From Ancient Alexandria to Modern Resources 2.0: Finding Digital Libraries for Your Business]

Barely had they all sat down than one girl asked if she may be excused; she was receiving texts from a friend headed to this seminar who was lost – could she go and rescue him?. [The Perils of Teaching « Tales from the Reading Room]

Prosveshcheniye, a publisher of school texts, is issuing 10,000 copies to schools and libraries across Russia, she said.. ['Gulag Archipelago' Re-Issued for Russian Students]

This gap in texts to support the curriculum poses a great challenge to teachers and students who rely on them as the only comprehensive resource to support the courses they teach.. [February 2009]

I'm sure the science departments of the Ivy League have moved beyond texts from the 1700's in their science courses.. [Academic Lock-in, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Integrity of texts is protected the old-fashioned way, by the private policing of communities of interest.. [Creative Commons for Catholics]

Both are settings of texts from the pre-reformation rite of reception and installation of an Archbishop of Canterbury.. [Update on Some Liturgical Details for the Installation of Archbishop Vincent Nichols]

In certain texts, jinns have been portrayed as “demons” or “evil” in contrast with humans.. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1065]

The academic study of the sacred texts is not by itself sufficient.. [Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog:]

What becomes clear as one accesses these texts is that such songs and ballads constituted a powerful living tradition — a line in which a poet could continue.. [Introduction: Tim Fulford]

However, what saves is the preservation of key essentials of civilization, literacy, and the fact that the character has spent years reading certain texts, holding onto certain concepts, and resisted change by barbarous outside forces.. [Author of "HPL and His Legacy" : The Lovecraft News Network]

He would send emissaries great distances to get hold of ancient scientific texts: one, Salman, visited Constantinople to obtain Greek texts from the Emperor Leo V (Leo the Armenian).. [When Baghdad was centre of the scientific world]

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