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Definitions of "the"

  • Used before singular or plural nouns and noun phrases that denote particular, specified persons or things: the baby; the dress I wore. definite-article
  • Used before a noun, and generally stressed, to emphasize one of a group or type as the most outstanding or prominent: considered Lake Shore Drive to be the neighborhood to live in these days. definite-article
  • Used to indicate uniqueness: the Prince of Wales; the moon. definite-article
  • Used before nouns that designate natural phenomena or points of the compass: the weather; a wind from the south. definite-article
  • Used as the equivalent of a possessive adjective before names of some parts of the body: grab him by the neck; an infection of the hand. definite-article
  • Used before a noun specifying a field of endeavor: the law; the film industry; the stage. definite-article
  • Used before a proper name, as of a monument or ship: the Alamo; the Titanic. definite-article
  • Used before the plural form of a numeral denoting a specific decade of a century or of a life span: rural life in the Thirties. definite-article
  • Used before a singular noun indicating that the noun is generic: The wolf is an endangered species. definite-article
  • Used before an adjective extending it to signify a class and giving it the function of a noun: the rich; the dead; the homeless. definite-article
  • Used before an absolute adjective: the best we can offer. definite-article
  • Used before a present participle, signifying the action in the abstract: the weaving of rugs. definite-article
  • Used before a noun with the force of per: cherries at $1.50 the box. definite-article
  • Because of that. Used before a comparative: thinks the worse of you after this mistake. adverb
  • To that extent; by that much: the sooner the better. adverb
  • Beyond any other: enjoyed reading the most. adverb
  • With a comparative or more and a verb phrase, establishes a parallel with one or more other such comparatives. adverb
  • this sense) With a comparative, and often with for it, indicates a result more like said comparative. This can be negated with none. adverb
  • A word placed before nouns to limit or individualize their meaning.

The word "the" in example sentences

Also included in this information will be the filename of the files waiting to print, the login account name of the user who SPOOLed the file, the time that the file was SPOOLed, the size of the file in PRIMOS records, and the printer name where the file is to print.. [Phrack Issue #15 Elric of Imrryr's Issue]

If, therefore, I wish to say “the small fires in the house”—and I can do this in one word—I must form the word “fire-in-the-house, ” to which elements corresponding to “small, ” our plural, and “the” are appended.. [Chapter 5. Form in Language: Grammatical Concepts]

He liked the stately monuments much more than he liked Gibbon or Ruskin; he loved their dignity; their unity; their scale; their lines; their lights and shadows; their decorative sculpture; but he was even less conscious than they of the force that created it all, —the Virgin, the Woman, —by whose genius “the stately monuments of superstition” were built, through which she was expressed.. [The Dynamo and the Virgin (1900)]

For some eighteen years he was occupied in exploring and in opening telegraphlines through the eastern or northmiddle part of the great forest state, the wilderness state of the “matto grosso” —the “great wilderness, ” or, as Australians would call it, “the bush.. [IV. The Headwaters of the Paraguay]

Then there is _the_ event, _the great climax event_, the actual coming of the Lord Jesus, out of the heavens, down to the earth.. [Quiet Talks on the Crowned Christ of Revelation]

The melancholy of the whole story, —the “pity of it, ”—the “one long sigh” which Schlegel heard in it, is conveyed with an almost magic suddenness in this single touch; and yet one touch more, and that of priceless importance, —the suggestion of the whole world of misery and disorder that may lie hidden as an awful possibility in the tempers and vanities of even two “poor old” heads of houses.. [Introduction]

At least, methinks, from the Covenant which GOD made with _Abraham_, and his Seed, _the Blessings of which_ are _come upon the_ believing _Gentiles_ [r], there is Reason to hope well concerning the Infant Offspring of GOD'S People, early devoted, and often recommended to him, that their _Souls_ will be _bound in the. [Submission to Divine Providence in the Death of Children Recommended and inforced, in a sermon preached at Northampton, on the death of a very amiable and hopeful child, about five years old]

There is a mean curiosity, as of a child opening a forbidden door, or a servant prying into her master’s business; —and a noble curiosity, questioning, in the front of danger, the source of the great river beyond the sand, —the place of the great continents beyond the sea; —a nobler curiosity still, which questions of the source of the River of Life, and of the space of the Continent of Heaven, —things which “the angels desire to look into.. [Sesame and Lilies. Lecture I.-Sesame: Of Kings’ Treasuries]

According to Kenya’s Interim Independent Electoral Commission,  a majority of Kenyans approved the new law in  the 4th August referendum, with the 'Yes' team garnering 6,092,593 votes, which is 66.9 percent, while the  'No' team was only able to manage about 2,795,059 votes or (30.1 percent) of the total vote cast.. [New Constitution Will Signal Country’s ‘Rebirth’, Says Kenyan Justice Minister]

When he found that it was for people of consequence in a private room that the articles were required, he set to work with a will and produced a polish "that would have struck envy to the soul of _the amiable Mr. Warren_, _for they used Day and Martin's at the_ '_White. [Pickwickian Studies]

I think I can hear their youthful voices, as they march through the streets of the City, singing, "_Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest_ STILL _the enemy and the_ AVENGER." [. [The Cities of Refuge: or, The Name of Jesus A Sunday book for the young]

"They continued to move backwards and forwards, until at length, _with the startling of a thunderclap to the_ {27} _affrighted mountaineers_, the bubble burst; officers of justice appeared, _the stranger was easily intercepted from flight_, and, _upon a capital charge_, he was. [Notes and Queries, Number 193, July 9, 1853 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc]

The Denver court found that juxtaposing crosses and the insignia of the highway patrol creates “the impermissible effect of conveying to the reasonable observer the message that the state prefers or otherwise endorses a certain religion.. [Other Comments]

Day also thinks the program would have a greater effect if principal values were reduced, but she says “the banks prefer modifying the interest because that doesn't hit their bottom line like reducing principal does.. [Where Americans Are Losing Home Equity Most]

” He goes on to say that the semiconductor equipment industry’s “multi-year recovery” will rely upon “the ‘gentrification’ of the worldwide communications infrastructure along with increased public-sector IT investment and growth in China consumerism.. [Chips Ahoy: Novellus Beats The Street]

It's a double-edged sword, explains Nathaniel Branden a California-based psychologist and pioneer in the field of self-esteem, since “the fear of being rejected leads to ... behaviors that ensure your fears come true.. [How Low Self-Esteem Can Cost You The Job]

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