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The word thou () is a second person singular pronoun in English. It is now largely archaic, having been replaced in most contexts by you. It is used in parts of Northern England and in Scots (/ðu/), and also in rural parts of Newfoundland albeit as a recessive feature. Thou is the nominative form; the oblique/objective form is thee (functioning as both accusative and dative), the possessive is thy (adjective) or thine (adjective before a vowel or pronoun) and the reflexive is thyself. When thou is the grammatical subject of a finite verb in the indicative mood, the verb form typically ends in -(e)st (e.g., "thou goest"; "thou do(e)st"), but in some cases just -t (e.g., "thou art"; "thou shalt"), although in some dialects of Old English (mainly in the North), this verb form ended in -s, hence the Quaker habit of using what looks like the third person form of the verb with "thee" as the subject (paralleling the usage of "you"). Originally, thou was simply the singular counterpart to the plural pronoun ye, derived from an ancient Indo-European root. In Middle English, thou was sometimes abbreviated by putting a small "u" over the letter thorn: þͧ. Starting in the 1300s, thou was used to express intimacy, familiarity or even disrespect, while another pronoun, you, the oblique/objective form of ye, was used for formal circumstances (see T–V distinction). In the 17th century, thou fell into disuse in the standard language, often regarded as impolite, but persisted, sometimes in an altered form, in regional dialects of England and Scotland, as well as in the language of such religious groups as the Society of Friends. The use of the pronoun is also still present in poetry. Early English translations of the Bible used the familiar singular form of the second person, which mirrors common usage trends in other languages. The familiar and singular form is used when speaking to God in French (in Protestantism both in past and present, in Catholicism since the post-Vatican II reforms), German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Yiddish, Turkish, Lithuanian, and Scottish Gaelic (all of which maintain the use of an "informal" singular form of the second person in modern speech). In addition, the translators of the King James Version of the Bible attempted to maintain the distinction found in Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic and Koine Greek between singular and plural second person pronouns and verb forms, so they used thou, thee, thy, and thine for singular, and ye, you, your, and yours for plural. In standard modern English, thou continues to be used in formal religious contexts, in literature that seeks to reproduce archaic language and in certain fixed phrases such as "fare thee well". For this reason, many associate the pronoun with solemnity or formality. Many dialects have compensated for the lack of a singular/plural distinction caused by the disappearance of thou and ye through the creation of new plural pronouns or pronominals, such as yinz, yous and y'all or the colloquial you guys. Ye remains common in some parts of Ireland but these examples just given vary regionally and are usually restricted to colloquial speech..

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Definitions of "thee"

  • Used as the direct object of a verb. pronoun
  • Used as the indirect object of a verb. pronoun
  • Used as the object of a preposition. pronoun
  • Used in the nominative as well as the objective case, especially by members of the Society of Friends. pronoun
  • The name of the letter ⟨(⟩, which stands for the th sound IPA: /ð/ in Pitman shorthand. noun
  • Objective case of thou. pronoun
  • Thou. pronoun
  • To thrive; prosper. verb
  • The objective case of thou. See thou. pronoun
  • To thrive; to prosper. verb-intransitive
  • To thrive; prosper.
  • The form theech, from thee ich, is also found in the phrase so theech, so may I thrive; also so theek.
  • The objective case of thou.
  • Thy: as, where's thee manners ?

The word "thee" in example sentences

We _praise_ thee, O God, we acknowledge _thee_ to be the. [The Canadian Elocutionist]

_I the Lord will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee_.. [Daily Strength for Daily Needs]

_When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee_.. [Daily Strength for Daily Needs]

He shall sustain thee_; shall bear both, if thou trust Him with both, both thee and thy burden: _He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved_.. [Daily Strength for Daily Needs]

_Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee_.. [Daily Strength for Daily Needs]

Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee_.. [Daily Strength for Daily Needs]

At last being in his cell, at those words of the psalmist; _I will give thee understanding, and will instruct thee_, he was suddenly visited by God with an extraordinary light and spirit of compunction, which from that time never left him.. [The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Principal Saints January, February, March]

Many comfortable texts of scripture occurred to our minds on this occasion, filling us with an extraordinary degree of faith and confidence in Him, particularly such as, "_He will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry; when He shall hear it, He will answer thee_," Isa.. [Journal of a Voyage from Okkak, on the Coast of Labrador, to Ungava Bay, Westward of Cape Chudleigh Undertaken to Explore the Coast, and Visit the Esquimaux in That Unknown Region]

"_Thou knowest that I love thee -- Thou knowest all things, Thou knowest that I that I love thee_.". [Sermons on Various Important Subjects]

_Knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee_?. [Sermons on Various Important Subjects]

Knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee_?. [Sermons on Various Important Subjects]

Wherefore, one day, when I was in a meeting of God's people, full of sadness and terror, these words did with great power suddenly break in upon me; _My grace is sufficient for thee, My grace is sufficient for thee, My grace is sufficient for thee_, three times together.. [A Handful of Stars Texts That Have Moved Great Minds]

And when all denied, Peter said, and they that were with him, Master, the multitudes press thee and crush _thee_.. [The Gospel of Luke, An Exposition]

“Confess, ” said he, “that it was very difficult for thee to refrain from laughter, when I answered all thy civilities without uncovering my head, and at the same time said ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ to thee.. [Letter I-On the Quakers]

I cannot deny it, O friend, that the vast shadow of the Phenomenal includes thee also in its pied and painted immensity, —thee also, compared with whom all else is shadow.. [VI. Essays. Friendship. 1841]

Answer me one: Did _thee_ lie upon her when thee put her name up in the township of Stamford? '. [Privy Seal His Last Venture]

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TurkishThee English to Turkish Translate
(zam.), eski (thou zamirinin i hali) seni, sana; sen.(zam.), eski (thou zamirinin i hali) seni, sana; sen.

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