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Definitions of "theire"

  • Obsolete spelling of their. pronoun

The word "theire" in example sentences

As Tolstoy said, while the feminists of his day wanted women to be more like men, the progress of civilisation depends on men becoming more like women (i.e. less willing to idiscriminately indulge theire appetites for drugs, sex, alcohol, and all around bad behaviour.). [Matthew Yglesias » The Wine Track]

A review of quangos, their effectiveness and - where appropriate - theire replacement by thought through alternatives, was long overdue.. [MPs condemn coalition's bonfire of the quangos as botched]

For saying that actual deer dog hunters I know don't let theire dogs do that.. [Deer Hunting with Dogs]

Beaver tastes great, theire fur makes great clothing and anything from a 22-250 to a 270 with varmintbullets is good medicine for headshots .. bring a dog that will tow it back to shore or a line and hook arragement that u can drag it to shore with and u can get great dark meat and fur thats water resistant and wear resistant ... [Leave it to Beavers]

And getting automatically persecuted will deter anyone from covering theire murders as hunting accidents like in a previous article putting a clear division between accidental shooting otherwise and hunting .. peace out!. [Are Hunting Accidents Crimes?]

When we kill of the natural predators we have a moral responsibility to step in and do theire job, and to slowly restore the predators ... [Leave it to Beavers]

Might not wave a flag pronouncing it from the rooftop though, but its nothing to be ashamed of in my opinion and if someone is so devoid of humour and zealous about not killing "any" animals theire probably PETA members anyway and i dont mind offending them at all: P. [Sharp-Dressed Man?]

Yes | No | Report from ingebrigtsen wrote 30 weeks 3 days ago dont know any parent that wouldnt fight off a bear with theire fist if theire child was in immediate danger ... [Mother Saves 7-Year-Old Son From Cougar]

Amen to that! scummit * cough* has/is treated theire cast awfull!. [Twilight Lexicon » Kellan and Ashley Still To Sign on the Dotted Line]

What is it about the point system for antlers anyway?? why do people measure theire sucsesses in life by numbers etc.??. [Your Thoughts on "Cross-Tagging"]

Well in africa olliphants almost became extinct untill they started charging outside hunters for killing them and having the money from it be earmarked for theire preservation .. now those same funds not only protect olliphants but rhinos etc. and the populations of those are rising!!. [Politics and Deer Management]

Or the gods that helps scared little animals that poses no threath to them when theire life is in jeopardy ..? think about it dont just spout more "this is what i think so im gonna justify it by ANY means!" propaganda ... [Elderly Women Charged With Beating Fawn To Death]

And u had gamereserves prior to allowing hunting in south afrika but no regulation of the ivory market so poachers did theire thing inside the gamereserves anyway ... [Taking Odds On A Western Wolf Hunt]

How, will they ask me those fanatics that use the worlds wildlife protection agencies for theire own personal vendettas, can a man that loves animals and knows they have feelings go out with a gun and shoot them?? well i figure that 30 seconds of shock and trauma and maybe pain, is a much better death than nature itself provides with being eaten, die slowly of disease or damage etcetera.. [Environmentalists On Hunters]

Be a wolf john C and howl with the other wolves, when we all howl to the huntress moon in unison the sheeple will tremble with fear for those that decide theire own destiny .... [Environmentalists On Hunters]

If theire was no historical mistreatment of melanin producingindividualsthey would not be FIRSTS andit would not be topical.. [Obama Responds To Biden's Comments: "Historically Inaccurate"]

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