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What does the word theirself mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word theirself in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with theirself and anagrams of theirself.

Definitions of "theirself"

  • Alternative form of themself. pronoun
  • Alternative form of themselves. pronoun

The word "theirself" in example sentences

Fans of vampire lore balked at the undoing of the genre [...] breanna, on January 23rd, 2009 at 1: 08 pm Said: well Twilight isnt emo (not once did anyone cut theirself). but i agree with you with the thing about everyone obbesesed with these books? they are good i agree but not fall down love over.. [Book Review: Twilight | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

If my conversational partner refuses to acknowledge the thing which is taken as a given, then s/he reveals theirself to be either ignorant and/or deceptive; and then intelligent and reasoned conversation is not possible.. [The difficulty of demonizing the Tea Partiers: less than six degrees of separation]

As the Clintonscontinue theirself-serving political dance ~ Obamamay not be able to keep up with their Washington two step.. [The Clintons / Open For Business Again]

Sometimes I have even considered not referring to the subject theirself but decided this would make my blog post pointless.. [Bloggers' responsibilities for comments and libel law]

If they can't take of theirself, care of their child.. [CNN Transcript Oct 30, 2009]

DIANE LAWSON, NEVAEH ` S GREAT AUNT: I hope and pray to God that whoever did this will either turn theirself [SIC] in and -- or I hope and pray to God that they find whatever they need to look for.. [CNN Transcript Jun 16, 2009]

Unless people go through it theirself you don't know what .... [CNN Transcript Sep 26, 2009]

I feel like it's high school sometimes, how people just pride theirself on personal business.. [CNN Transcript Sep 5, 2009]

The American people need to do some research on Obama theirself and make up their own mind.. [McCain’s desperate claim: Obama is dangerous. Vote for me if you want to live!]

I only wish we had someone running that we know is in it for the people of this country and not for theirself.. [Morning Buzz: Meet the ‘pitbull with lipstick’]

WILL. I.AM: Larry, I think you have to -- there's a big difference on people taking advantage of a hot situation and making theirself famous about that, you know?. [CNN Transcript Feb 8, 2008]

Simply ridiculous, as I'm sure any sensible individual might conclude from seeing these statistics theirself.. [Archive 2007-04-01]

LANCE MADISON, BROTHER KILLED BY POLICE: The story they made up, alibis to cover theirself.. [CNN Transcript Jan 3, 2007]

They'll put their neighbors ahead of theirself a lot of times.. [CNN Transcript May 10, 2007]

I've been to probably 28 states in the last two years to get Jesse's Law implemented in those states and encourage those states to use Jesse's Law to put theirself in compliance with the federal bill, the Adam Walsh Act. KING: You're a great man, Mark.. [CNN Transcript Jul 17, 2007]

But you know, sometimes people just talk just to get theirself recognized, and a lot of it is not true.. [CNN Transcript Jan 15, 2007]

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@Louis_Tomlinson I have the feeling that your 3 boys will go trough this because they are super talented and they h…


@andrewsr1 @LindseyPelas Glad you know she has implants only little boys that touch theirself to her say there "natural"


The sad one is the one who swallowed the pain and always blaming theirself..while the bad one act like nothing happened..

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Yoga Meditation: 'Whosoever Knows Their Self Knows Their Lord'
Yoga Meditation: 'Whosoever Knows Their Self Knows Their Lord'
EXO Funny Reaction To Their Self 😂
EXO Funny Reaction To Their Self 😂

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  • PronunciationsDH EH2 R S EH1 L F
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation


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