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Themis (; Ancient Greek: Θέμις) is an ancient Greek Titaness. She is described as "[the Lady] of good counsel", and is the personification of divine order, fairness, law, natural law, and custom. Her symbols are the Scales of Justice, tools used to remain balanced and pragmatic. Themis means "divine law" rather than human ordinance, literally "that which is put in place", from the Greek verb títhēmi (τίθημι), meaning "to put". To the ancient Greeks she was originally the organizer of the "communal affairs of humans, particularly assemblies". Moses Finley remarked of themis, as the word was used by Homer in the 8th century BCE, to evoke the social order of the 10th- and 9th-century Greek Dark Ages: Themis is untranslatable. A gift of the gods and a mark of civilized existence, sometimes it means right custom, proper procedure, social order, and sometimes merely the will of the gods (as revealed by an omen, for example) with little of the idea of right. Finley adds, "There was themis—custom, tradition, folk-ways, mores, whatever we may call it, the enormous power of 'it is (or is not) done'. The world of Odysseus had a highly developed sense of what was fitting and proper.".

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Definitions of "themis"

  • The goddess of law and order; the patroness of existing rights. noun
  • A Greek goddess, the personification of law, order, and abstract right; hence, law and justice personified. noun
  • The twenty-fourth planetoid, discovered by De Gasparis at Naples in 1853. noun
  • (Greek mythology) the Titaness who was goddess of justice in ancient mythology noun

The word "themis" in example sentences

In religious ritual we hear of a number of specific commands and prohibitions which are described as themis or ou themis (“not themis”) respectively to indicate that certain ritual practices are part of the established order of life.. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

Refusing to have sex with someone due to their race is an action to the same degree that refusing to serve themis.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » “Activist Government” and the Rights of Minorities]

There are so many ways you can thank the soldiersand one of themis through this site: www.. [Happy Holidays!]

It's that his idea of fixing themis no different than Bush's, Henry Paulson's or Robert Rubin's.. [Obama's Bank Problem]

Cowards -- and each of themis a coward -- stay home and order death and destruction to be unleashed thousands of miles away.. ['Soldiers work for corporations, not for the people']

It can also be ordered through an independent bookstore with Booksense. themis asked: One of the things that I really loved about the Ile-Rien books was that they're set in a different time period than most fantasy.. [January 5th, 2007]

The image of Themis, or the lady of justice is from hk-laws. net/pics/themis. jpg. [Right to Counsel]

But if your strengths are those activities that make you feel strong, then the person best qualified to identify themindeed, the only person qualified to identify themis you.. [Go Put Your Strengths to Work]

My phemous themis race is run, so let Demoncracy take the highmost!. [Finnegans Wake]

It is also of interest that he proposes to investigate the saying — that is, his version of it — and even to prove it wrong; although (as he also says) it is "ordained" (themis, an established right) that the gods do not lie.. [I.F. Stone's Socrates]

The distinctions we have been drawing between the use of themis and dikē in different spheres of human life obviously do violence to the cultural context in which they belong.. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

For while themis is used invariably of a claim which has been authenticated by a verdict and which has thus been recognized as part of the established order, dikē denotes what is regarded by the claimant as a just claim but which has not yet been validated or whose legiti - macy is or may be contested; a claim, in other words, which, though adjudicated, is looked upon as still open to dispute.. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

Within this framework there are, however, sig - nificant differences between themis and dikē, differ - ences which can be articulated more readily in some cases than in others.. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

But the use of dikē to describe a claim is more common, a claim different, however, from that expressed by themis.. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

When a banquet is held in honor of a god, it is themis to pour a libation and pray to him (Od. 3. 45), and it is themis for men in their several habitations to worship the gods and to offer sacrifice at their altars (W. & D. 135-37).. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

Yet it is often hard to determine why, in some of the passages just discussed, themis is used in preference to dikē, although it must be observed at the same time that there seems to be no use of dikē for which themis would have been more appropriate.. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

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