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Definitions of "thems"

  • variant of those. pronoun

The word "thems" in example sentences

Will we get to know the truth, or do we know it already. on February 19, 2009 at 10: 18 pm | Reply uniform stone the crows, them chavs is makin thems decisions (thanks to Glen Hoddle) just of late.. [The Revolving Door System. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Another thing India support are okay.. it's just an accent issue most of the time.. and does it matter if they call thems steve, mark andy etc... [I am a Busy Bee.]

They probaby made the calls thems Thank God for talk radio and the internet.. [Examiner California Headlines]

i like to shoot the people who wait in lines for their muffins from my tower in texas cuz they call thems muffins in texas texas muffins [everythings bigger in texas yo!] and / with obesity such a problem - rampant-problem. [protein wisdom]

"Gainsville" ain’t gonna take too kindly to one of them colored boys campaigning in thems parts.. [THE SHORT BUS STOPS IN CHICAGO]

I mean, havin’ us paint the hangar baby blue and wearin’ all those Hawaiian shirts, thems is one thing.. [365 tomorrows » 2006 » July : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day]

India and called thems Bundelas and Chandelas those who were in the ruling class having gotra. [ - Articles related to Adventure tourism complex launched in Tamil Nadu]

Mlechcha invaders started attacking North India some Bargujar Rajputs moved towards east to central India and called thems Bundelas and Chandelas those who were in the ruling class having gotra Kashyap were definately all Bargujars they were vassals of Gurjara - Pratihara empire of North India which lasted from 500 CE to 1150 CE and was at its peak when major monuments were built.. [ - Articles related to Adventure tourism complex launched in Tamil Nadu]

India some Bargujar Rajputs moved towards east to central India and called thems Bundelas and. [ - Articles related to Adventure tourism complex launched in Tamil Nadu]

I guess it is a hoot that we have Chicago whatever you want to call thems You know this is a very f-cked up board when Wolfie is drawing positives.. [Propeller Most Popular Stories]

Needless to say, this created enemies among all the "thems," who were united in their "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" mentality.. [8 posts from June 2009]

Over time, the "thems" became most of the rest of the world; and despite becoming an industrial/military superpower, the Soviets were only interested in further domination and suppression.. [8 posts from June 2009]

It gets worse - unlike the superpower who lords her wealth and excess over the planet, these millions of "thems" happen to be among the more impoverished on the planet - so it's kicking sand in the faces of people who are already buried up to their necks.. [10 posts from December 2009]

He spoke in broad generalities about those eeeeevil "thems" in a droning, almost monotone cadence that reminded me of what I now consider the 'Republican voice' - he sounded like an unholy mix of Reagan and the Bushes in tone, pitch and cadence.. [In Victory Speech, Obama Trains Fire On McCain]

From global to local, structuring relationships to enhance understanding makes it harder to hate and hurt the "thems" in our lives and more likely for peaceful interactions to prevail, especially for young people.. [Colleen Turner: Communicating for Peace Day Every Day]

In his speech to the Christian Coalition, William Bennett -- whose intelligence and serf-deprecating candor are sorely missed in this bland, gadfly-deprived race -- warned the flock against candidates who do nothing more than demonize the usual "thems" of American politics (government, immigrants, minorities, etc.).. [Show Us Your Stuff]

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'you owe us $500 DUE NOW' lol well if u send me a bill on a day when i cant call ur customer service line and witho…


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RIVEN DISPOSITION CHANGES [and my reaction to thems]
RIVEN DISPOSITION CHANGES [and my reaction to thems]

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