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Hyphenation there un to
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Definitions and meanings of "Thereunto"

What do we mean by thereunto?

To that, this, or it; thereto. adverb


Unto that or this; thereto; besides. adverb

Thereto adverb


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The word "thereunto" in example sentences

Ghost is said to make men overseers of the flocks who are thus called thereunto; because both the communication of power in the constitution of the law, and of spiritual gifts by internal effectual operation, are from him alone, Acts xx. ❋ 1616-1683 (1967)

And as this discharge of the duty is in a peculiar manner incumbent on ministers of the gospel, as also on masters of families and others, as they are occasionally called thereunto, so they are to attend unto a fourfold direction therein: -- ❋ 1616-1683 (1967)

Vnlesse some man will say that Thule King of 苂ypt (who, as it is thought, gaue this name thereunto) passed so farre vnto an ❋ Unknown (2003)

Vnlesse some man will say that Thule King of Ægypt (who, as it is thought, gaue this name thereunto) passed so farre vnto an ❋ Unknown (2003)

In the same valley stands the famous Towne of Bristow,88 with an Hauen belonging thereunto, which is a commodious and safe receptacle for all ships directing their course for the same, from Ireland, Norway, and other outlandish and foren countreys: namely that a region so fortunate and blessed with the riches that nature hath vouchsafed thereupon should not bee destitute of the wealth and commodities of other lands. ❋ Unknown (2003)

I do not divest of a share in government, those who have no share in Christ, if lawfully called thereunto; but I say, when God gives governors whom he intends to make ❋ 1616-1683 (1968)

It was, I say, the will of God that the church should ordinarily be always under the conduct of such a ministry; and his will it is that those who are called thereunto should be furnished with peculiar spiritual gifts, for the finding out and declaration of the truths that are treasured up in the Scripture, unto all the ends of divine revelation. ❋ 1616-1683 (1967)

That they were the same persons continued in their first office, as the apostles were, is uncertain and improbable, (though it be not [improbable] that some of them might be called thereunto); as Philip, and Timothy, and Titus, were evangelists that were not of that first number. ❋ 1616-1683 (1967)

Scripture, but subservient unto it; and the great end of it is, that those who are called thereunto, and are furnished with gifts for the discharge of it, might diligently "search the Scriptures," and teach others the mind of God revealed therein. ❋ 1616-1683 (1967)

Now, these being things wherein every believer, even the weakest in the world, hath an equal share and interest with Paul, David, or any of the saints in their generations, what should lie in their way but that they also may grow up to this assurance, being called thereunto? ❋ 1616-1683 (1966)

Neither would we, to save our lives (which, for the members of this church and their good, we are bound to lay down, 1 John iii. 16, when justly called thereunto), willfully live in the neglect of that love towards them or any of them which we hope God hath planted in our hearts, and made natural unto us, by that one and selfsame Spirit, by whom the whole mystical body of ❋ 1616-1683 (1965)

And therefore we esteem it our duty to hold our communion with all these assemblies, when called thereunto; which is required of any Christians in the like cases and circumstances. ❋ 1616-1683 (1965)

Thirdly, A principal part of the duty of the church in this matter is, to take care that nothing be admitted or practised in the worship of God, or as belonging thereunto, which is not instituted and appointed by the Lord ❋ 1616-1683 (1965)

Concerning this imputation it must be observed, that whatever is our own antecedently thereunto, which is an act of God thereon, can never be imputed unto us for any thing more or less than what it is really in itself. ❋ 1616-1683 (1965)

For all that are rightly called thereunto are elders also, which gives them an interest in rule. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

To do thirty-one dayes service for the colony, when they shalbe called thereunto -- yet not at all tymes, but when their owne busines can best spare them. ❋ E. R. Billings (N/A)

Those who take upon themselves the office of public preaching, or ministering the ordinances in the congregation, should be lawfully called thereunto, and sent to execute the same. ❋ Unknown (1889)

Churches to be instant in Preaching the Word, by way of Office, yet the work of Preaching the Word is not so peculiarly confined to them but that others also gifted and fitted by the Holy Ghost for it, and approved (being by lawful ways and means in the Providence of God called thereunto), may publicly, ordinarily, and constantly perform it, so that they give themselves up thereunto. ❋ Unknown (1889)

It is lawful for Christians to accept and execute the office of a magistrate when called thereunto; [1789] in the managing whereof, as they ought especially to maintain piety, justice, and peace, according to the wholesome laws of each commonwealth, [1790] so, for that end, they may lawfully, now under the New Testament, wage war upon just and necessary occasion. ❋ Unknown (1889)

Then came the Civil War, and I — called thereunto by my conscience, and nothing fearing or suspecting what miserable consequences have chanced through the rise of these Independents — consented to lend my countenance and labour to the great work, by becoming chaplain to ❋ Unknown (1855)

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