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Definitions and meanings of "Thibet"

What do we mean by thibet?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word thibet. Define thibet, thibet synonyms, thibet pronunciation, thibet translation, English dictionary definition of thibet.

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The word "thibet" in example sentences

It is some material I have in the house; a fine blue thibet, and I shall put ruffles on the skirt. ❋ Alice Turner Curtis (1912)

She had brought "Lady Amy," carefully packed in the stout bundle, and Aunt Prissy declared that the doll should have a dress and hood of the fine blue thibet. ❋ Alice Turner Curtis (1912)

Look at that dress you've got on, -- a good thick thibet, an 'mine's a cheap, sleazy alpaca they palmed off on me because they knew my eyesight ain't what it was once. ❋ Alice Brown (1902)

Selecting a purple thibet, with a little white sprig, she slipped off her own dress, and stepped into it. ❋ Alice Brown (1902)

Ann began smoothing out some remnants of blue thibet on her lap. ❋ Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman (1891)

These were: a sprinkle of black walnut and brocatelle in the drawing-room, a Sheffield-plate tea-service, and a crimson-and-giltedged dinner set that Mrs. Oferr gave them; twilled turkey-red curtains, that looked like thibet, in the best chamber; and the twenty-four white skirts and the silk dresses, and whatever corresponded to them on the bride-groom's part, in their wardrobes. ❋ Unknown (1865)

Edith looked fragile and sweet as ever in a dress of azure thibet cloth, her light hair hanging in clusters of wavy curls over her small shoulders. ❋ Effie Afton (1858)

Some of that blue thibet would be jest the thing to make it a dress of. " ❋ Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman (1891)

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