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What does the word thieve mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word thieve in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with thieve and anagrams of thieve.

Definitions of "thieve"

  • To take (something) by theft or commit theft. verb-transitive
  • : To commit theft. verb
  • To practice theft; to steal. verb
  • To be a thief; practise theft; steal; prey.
  • To take by theft; steal.
  • take by theft verb

The word "thieve" in example sentences

And its name sounds like a bizarre slang version of the word "thieve" (A Pheve)?. [SpywareGuide Greynets Blog]

I think claustrophobic inspector hit it spot on about being dressed in his best trackies, shitty old jumper and probably the ebst lizzie duke rings he could muster or thieve.. [Another satisfied “customer” walks away laughing. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

They pay a salary to these women who sit and mess around with other people's lives and thieve all day long.. [Fret Not]

He is a thieve when it come to the American people.. [McConnell explains Wall Street meeting with Cornyn]

If gangs thieve from and threaten repeatedly a small number of traders, again you keep the gangs happy, and tell the traders to book it as an insurance claim.. [How “Police Performance” Fraud Works. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Tramps and thieve to vividness and novelty, interesting.. [blog – syllable studio]

What the thieve didn't know is that I had my PS3 connected to my PSP.. [If Your PS3 Thief Is A Moron, You Can MacGyver Its Recovery Via PSP - The Consumerist]

I tried every day, every hour to see if by any chance the thieve connected the PS3 to the internet, surely on Friday Dec 18th at around 11:30pm I was able to turn on the PS3 from my home by using my PSP using my internet connection.. [If Your PS3 Thief Is A Moron, You Can MacGyver Its Recovery Via PSP - The Consumerist]

Disdain for people who do not educate their children and send them to the streets to beg and thieve is understandable.. [Michele Langevine Leiby: Vichy Revisited: Sarkozy Versus the Gypsies]

I forgot tos ay that the other side of the coin is that good art is also pretty delicate - those movies where the thieve cuts the canvas out of the frame are complete nonsense - that would completely stuff up your painting - especially if it was an older piece.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Barnes and Noble Challenge.]

Perhaps it is our failure to see the soul in others that leads us to murder and thieve.. [just a thought]

Want me to break the commandment, do you, teach you how to thieve, teach you the tricks of the trade?. [Portobello]

“He thieve like a man, but speak like a baby,” said Miss Macy.. [Strangers at the Feast]

If we're going to petty thieve the Five & Tens, at the same time, shouldn't we be looking at politicians and corporate thieves?. [Mike Ragogna: An Interview With Buffy Sainte-Marie, Plus Train and Digital 45 Updates]

They hope that their bodies and souls will be taken up in a Rapture of the Righteous, even while they thieve and scheme against every tenet and principle of their so-called Christian faith.. [Left Behind]

Unfortunate for the rest of us though, she continues to thieve oxygen.. [Crass stupidity.]

Thieve Translates

TurkishThieve English to Turkish Translate
f. hırsızlık etmek, çalmak. thiev'ery i. hırsızlık.f. hırsızlık etmek, çalmak. thiev'ery i. hırsızlık.

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@APCNigeria The Thieve will soon be caught!!!


@Researchagain @astroengine even cooler that the human lets her thieve the goods and just videos =)


@kylegriffin1 Here in order to become anyone you have to be a thieve. Get him now please .

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T H I E V E - Wild Western Cape
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Cher - Gypsys Tramps And Thieves
Cher - Gypsys Tramps And Thieves

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  • Pronunciations(thēv)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation thieve


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