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Someone who can’t game. Urban Dictionary

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The word "thumbless" in example sentences

Madonna's always had her own style, and it's not thumbless gloves and over-bangled accessories. ❋ Diane Gilman (2012)

In other words, Kafka goes as far as he can into a truly thumbless, doggy world view. ❋ Toby Litt (2010)

To put it another way, are these thumbless animals facing animal dilemmas or are they thumb-possessing human beings being referred to as animals simply for the sake of turning a story into a fable? ❋ Toby Litt (2010)

To lose the use of your hands to typing is no big deal, but to be a thumbless BlackBerry/iPhone addict is divine. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Animals kept in barren zoo enclosures often pace madly—and, thumbless, have twiddle-equivalents: licking or chewing skin or fur obsessively and constantly, pulling out their own feathers, rubbing their ears or face, rocking back and forth. ❋ ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ (2009)

I swear I saw one campaigning for the rights of blind midget puppies, or thumbless pianists, or something. ❋ Bluemeany (2005)

Out from the sparkling mist stretched two hands, enormously long, six-fingered, thumbless, a faint tracery of golden scales upon their white backs, utterly unhuman and still in some strange way beautiful, radiating power and — all womanly! ❋ Unknown (2004)

Tavara bandaged her hands with a thick black foul-smelling salve that felt cold and gluey, followed by yards and yards of bandage going halfway up her arms until her hands resembled thumbless boxing gloves. ❋ Edghill, Rosemary (2002)

Lord Intef with his sons, Menset and Sobek, those two thumbless heroes, stood at the head of the great concourse of the nobles and the city fathers of Thebes that waited upon the quay to greet the king. ❋ Smith, Wilbur, 1933- (1993)

The old man's thumbless hand snaked out palm upward and held the half-coin under Dunross's face. ❋ Clavell, James (1981)

"Come here," he ordered, his thumbless hand stabbing the gunnel in front of him. ❋ Clavell, James (1981)

Qumsy, thumbless ones, with retractable claws, but on all their limbs. ❋ Anderson, Poul, 1926-2001 (1964)

The center Warlockian spread out her four-fingered thumbless hands above the scattered needles. ❋ Andre Norton (1958)

He sat up, whispered, "Pipe down!" and started to smack his bedmate, when he felt his wrist grasped by a hand-not the thumbless little paw of a move-over, but a human hand. ❋ Heinlein, Robert A. (1951)

The thumbless mitt or wristlet requires one half hank of knitting-yarn, gray, with No. 2 Red Cross needles or No. 11 or No. 12 steel needles. ❋ Anonymous (N/A)

The mariner called up his two friends, who proved thumbless like himself. ❋ Tom Bevan (N/A)

[Sheesh], I hate being [paired] with [thumbless] monkeys ❋ (2022)

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