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*thunks is the opposite of thanks, instead of being thankful your saying your not. "thunkful". *a sarcastic thanks Urban Dictionary

The process in which a thought goes through Urban Dictionary

Hillbilly terminoligy for thought Urban Dictionary

A remodified past tense saying for thought. Urban Dictionary

Bastardization of thought. Used only by idiots with poor grammar. Urban Dictionary

To sneak up on someone and bean him with a heavy blow to the back of the head. Urban Dictionary

(verb) Used in fandom when a person (or alien creature) is looking gorgeous resulting in jaw dropping, drooling, falling out of chair, dying, or entering a comatose state. (noun) The sound of someone dying or passing out as a result of sensory overload due to hotness. Urban Dictionary

When you just thought of something. Urban Dictionary

A chunky thot, a thot that is chunky. Basically a fat thot. Urban Dictionary

A strangely loud noise that often has an echo Urban Dictionary

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The word "thunks" in example sentences

The functions without parameters are called thunks and their purpose is to delay the evaluation of the code in argument positions, circumventing standard applicative order evaluation. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The functions without parameters are called thunks ❋ Unknown (2008)

I have seen some of the sheet type that say "Happy Birthday," however I am willing to bet that "thunks" was added after the fact. ❋ Jen (2009)

I've heard quieter "thunks" at a Monster Truck rally. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I read the writing on the "thunks" cake as "Drunks" =) T and h get into Dr quite well =))) ❋ Jen (2009)

And then the press thunks its collective head when Americans view news organizations as biased? ❋ Unknown (2010)

I listened, but nothing came through the distant shouts of vampires and thunks of swords through rotted flesh. ❋ Jeri Smith-Ready (2010)

The mug tower wavered and then toppled with a rousing chorus of thunks and thuds. ❋ Karen Hawkins (2010)

(Soundbite of thunks) Ms. BARROW: The music of the jars. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The branch thunks Deanna in the chin as she lets go, then she takes a quick look around her and makes a wild-eyed dash for the car. ❋ Adrienne Maria Vrettos (2010)

 He started turning the dial absently with meaty thunks. ❋ Michael Larkin (2010)

They attacked and the trimmer was dropped still running as we ran inside the shed and held the door closed from the inside while the angry mob flew against the wooden door with mulitple thuds and thunks. ❋ Unknown (2009)

They produced harplike plucks, the thunks of a xylophone, the high punctuation of a big-band horn section, strumming guitars, mournful viola voices, keening soprano voices, percussive hand thwacks and some finger-snapping and foot-stomping, not to mention a rich, chocolaty cello blend. ❋ Unknown (2007)

i [hold the door] open for megan, but before she can pass through, i let go, and it smacks her in the face. [i laugh] ridiculously.... [bahahaha] megan replies, "thunks for holding the door". ❋ Hartley Of The North (2006)

[thoughts] are being thunk 👁👄👁 ❋ John Cena Is My Dad (2020)

Who would have thunk it? ❋ Gina Evans (2004)

"[im thinking] [thoughts] i [already] thunk." ❋ Roseberryyy (2010)

Who would have thunk that... ❋ Lexicon (2003)

"Jim got [thunked] going home last night. Serves him right for walking in a [dark alley] with all his [paycheck] in his pocket. ❋ Skydog70 (2006)

Mg and Tan [thunked] when they saw a picture of Joe [Flanigan's] boxers. Did you see that picture of [Daniel Jackson]? *thunk* ❋ Young Armenian Pirate (2005)

I just [thunked] of a [way to] make this [cake]. ❋ Maddie1618 (2021)

That [fat ass] [thot] is thunked. ❋ BigDaddyFuckboy69 (2018)

[Mr]. A: [Wat] was [that loud] thunk? ❋ Wonderous Womannnnnn (2009)

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