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Definitions and meanings of "Tiptoeing"

What do we mean by tiptoeing?

To walk quietly with only the tips of the toes touching the ground.

Walking on the balls of your feet. Something that Timothy likes to do. Urban Dictionary

A large woman wearing highheels. Mostly seen in danceclubs, parties, or weddings. Urban Dictionary

1. To be careful not to offend. 2. To sneak around like there's not a problem. As if one is on the tips of their toes moving quietly around a problem to not have to deal with it. Urban Dictionary

1. When someone "tiptoes" into another's bedroom after midnight. Or sneaking into someone's bedroom when everyone is asleep. 2. A drink made with coca-cola, rum, orange juice, and vodka. Urban Dictionary

A medical euphemism for having an inanimate object stuck up your butt for which surgical intervention is required. Urban Dictionary

When having intercourse standing up, the male retrieves his penis in time to ejaculate on the ground in front of the partner; who then shoves the partner through the newly created puddle, causing them to slip in it and fall and appear purple after being bruised severely. Urban Dictionary

A person who is averse to physical contact. Originated by Deion Sanders as a pet name for Shaun Alexander, and also used by Warren Sapp to describe Brandon Jacobs. Urban Dictionary

A phrase popularized by the entertainer and Sixties Era singer, Tiny Tim, in his hit song of the same name. Urban Dictionary

Tiptoeing through the tulips may seem innocent however it has sexuality written all over it! It refers to fingering a girl, lesbians in general. Urban Dictionary

It’s not just a hit song by Tiny Tim, it’s when you insert your toe between the two lips of a woman’s vagina. One can insert the whole toe, or just the tip. May also refer to the lips of the mouth. Urban Dictionary

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The word "tiptoeing" in example sentences

Glancing in at the big chair he saw Polly just tiptoeing from the room. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Malone wondered how best to announce himself, and regretfully gave up the idea of tiptoeing up to the girl, placing his hands over her eyes, kissing the back of her neck and crying: ❋ Laurence M. Janifer (1967)

HENDERSON: Yes, I mean that certainly seems like what she was kind of tiptoeing around. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For the Giants, there's a little bit of pressure on Brandon Jacobs, who was criticized for "tiptoeing" last week by Tony Siragusa. ❋ Unknown (2009)

JARVIS: So it's a very strange kind of tiptoeing around Obama in this campaign. ❋ Unknown (2008)

And I guess I'll have to say, how do you feel about that in terms of the kind of tiptoeing around the -- ❋ ITY National Archives (1998)

Greenstalk drifted closer, "tiptoeing" off the ceiling with her tendrils. ❋ Vinge, Vernor (1992)

Aquino Jr. and served as Corzaon Aquino's executive secretary when she was president, has annoyed President Aquino by saying he's running the government "like a student council" and accusing him of "tiptoeing" to China. ❋ Author Unknown (2010)

In other news, Brandon Jacobs had little to say about FOX sideline reporter Tony Siragusa, who said Jacobs was "tiptoeing" instead of running hard this season.

"tiptoeing" around the Ethical Considerations, Perhaps to their Peril ❋ Unknown (2010)

But if the Europeans keep tiptoeing around this situation, the unraveling of the European Project will unfold, with grave and negative ramifications geo-politically. ❋ Diane Francis (2011)

Summer mornings in Maine found Elwyn getting up before dawn, tiptoeing out of the cabin and down to the shore of Belgrade Lake, to canoe alone for miles, to bathe in the good cold water or to be ready to see or hear any wild thing that might turn up. ❋ Anthony Esolen (2011)

The commission in charge of the review plans in March or April to publish an "options paper" with a short list of the proposals, which bankers say could clear up enough of the uncertainty surrounding British banks that investors might start tiptoeing back into bank stocks. ❋ Sara Schaefer Mu (2011)

Since he had come back from Arizona, Macy had been tiptoeing around him like a fragile piece of glass. ❋ Julia London (2011)

I watched Patrick tiptoeing toward a gull, leaning forward, calling to it, trying to befriend it. ❋ Elizabeth Chandler (2011)

I tiptoed [sneakily] into [the house] so my parents wouldnt [catch] me ❋ PeachIsBigGay (2018)

Dude 1. "Man! check out all the cattle on the [dancefloor]!" Dude 2. "Holy shit! Your right! Theres a lot of [tiptoe bacon] out there" Jeff- "Hey Chris! Check out that tiptoe bacon trying to balance herself in those shoes! "She looks like a [tightrope] walker" Chris-"Holy shit, look out! ! Shes heading to the dancefloor!" ❋ Robistro (2012)

I don't want tiptoe around this anymore. Let's be honest [Carol], [I like you as a friend] but you're kinda [a dick] when guys are around. ❋ Tbhcarebear (2016)

1. We are at my parents' [house], so no midnight tiptoe. 2. [Give me] a midnight tiptoe. ❋ Rilan (2012)

ED doctor: I have a "[Gary tiptoe]" for you. Admitting doctor: What has he got? ED Doctor: His Gary tiptoe is an old [Nokia brick] phone set to [vibrate]. ❋ Champion Du Peuple. (2016)

My girlfriend looks like she got the shit [beat out] of her, [but really], it was because I gave her [purple tiptoes]. ❋ Buhooobs (2009)

[Primetime] called [Alexander] the Tiptoe Burglar! That dude did [NOT want] to get hit. ❋ Mreniigma (2012)

So [won’t] you tiptoe through the tulips...[in the garden]...in the [moonlight]...with me! ❋ Dr Bunnygirl (2019)

[Would you like to] [tiptoe through the tulips] [with me]? ❋ YoshiKilla (2011)

When [Tiny Tim] slips the tip of his toe through [Big June]’s pussy lips, he is [tiptoeing through the tulips]. ❋ ButimDirtyDan (2022)

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What does tiptoeing mean?

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