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Definitions of "tired"

  • Exhausted of strength or energy; fatigued. adjective
  • Impatient; bored: tired of the same old sandwiches. adjective
  • Overused; hackneyed: a tired joke. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of tire. verb
  • In need of some rest or sleep. adjective
  • Fed up, annoyed, irritated, sick of. adjective
  • Overused, cliché. adjective
  • Weary; fatigued; exhausted. adjective
  • depleted of strength or energy adjective
  • repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse adjective

The word "tired" in example sentences

Funny, it doesn't hurt at all, but I'm tired, so tired…. [While Other People Sleep]

Shilh14 izbil “hair, ” plural izbel; a-slem “fish, ” plural i-slim-en; sn “to know, ” sen “to be knowing”; rmi “to become tired, ” rumni “to be tired”; ttss15 “to fall asleep, ” ttoss “to sleep.. [Chapter 4. Form in Language: Grammatical Processes]

All the ponies are tethered in good order, but most of them are tired -- Chinaman and Jehu _very tired_ ..... [The Voyages of Captain Scott : Retold from the Voyage of the Discovery and Scott's Last Expedition]

All the ponies are tethered in good order, but most of them are tired -- Chinaman and Jehu _very tired_.. [Scott's Last Expedition Volume I]

Oh, I'm so tired of it all -- so _tired_ -- and he doesn't see, doesn't understand!. [The Lady of the Basement Flat]

I began the term tired out, and nearly collapsed before the end.. [The Independence of Claire]

But early in your pregnancy, you learn a new meaning for the word tired.. [You’ll Lose the Baby Weight]

Republicans struck back hard against news of the Democrats 'new jobs platform, which they characterized as tired and ineffective.. [Top Stories from CQ]

But I know in Arabic 'tired' is more serious, the word you use to prepare a listener about to receive bad news of a death in the family: 'she became very tired'.. [Qwaider Planet]

You’ll find yourself hard-pressed to stay awake past 7:00 p.m., and the word tired will have a new meaning for you.. [You’ll Lose the Baby Weight]

I was tired from the stress of high powered jobs and raising 4 children practically on my own.. [Anybody Here Find Love in Mexico?]

Usually when you are in the playoffs and even during the regular season you are so busy yourself that you do get to see a little bit of hockey but you don't get too focused on it, because you are either too focused on your own games or too tired from the night before to watch.. [Tim Thomas journal: Game 7 one that got away for Bruins]

But I feel - I mean, I woke up this morning and was eager, a little tired from the trip, but was very eager to get over here and more so than last year at this time to get this back on track.. [A 'Hereafter' Where Matt Damon Sees Dead People]

Of course, I may be cranky/tired from the burger I ate at 11: 30 that serves as both my breakfast and my lunch.. [You’ve Been Drained Of Energy | ATTACKERMAN]

And the nice thing about being physically tired is that there is an extra layer of pleasure to lying on the sofa with a good book.. [Current Reads and New Books « Tales from the Reading Room]

My finger is gettin 'tired from hittng "retry" so many times.. [Windows 7 RC Available For Download Now | Lifehacker Australia]

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@SecretboyJW: "NCTZENS" (actually, not) REAL NCTZENS do not attack each other. Stop attacking my friend @KNOCKOUT_DY . Too many of you a…


@Keir_Starmer We are so tired of them - I'm sure you are too. I really hope parliament doesn't just lead us into ha…


@_andmx: Sobrang gulo kong tao kapag nagtatampo ako gusto ko hindi ako susukuan but ironically I always continue to push them away para…


@lastvibes: “I'm tired of acting like I'm not hurting.”


I’m tired.

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