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Definitions and meanings of "Tizzies"

What do we mean by tizzies?

A state of nervous excitement, confusion, or distress; a dither.

A sixpence; a tester.

1. Another term for a blowjob, derived from the slang term tops. Urban Dictionary

A state of Hightened excitement Urban Dictionary

To dress 'Tizzy' Noun A type of dress code. It's not formal, semi formal. It's elegant but not piss-elegant. It's something noice that you and your friends will comfortable in. Urban Dictionary

(UK) A state of panic or confusion Urban Dictionary

In an excited and confused condition. Urban Dictionary

Word that came from the hill distric in pittsburgh. can be used to explain truth. Also can mean yes Urban Dictionary

The best person you will ever meet. He has an awesome personality and makes funny jokes. He shines when there is no sun... Urban Dictionary

Adj. to be ballin of the chain. Urban Dictionary

Slang for the already slang word "tight". Often placed with the phrase "fo shizzie". Urban Dictionary

Noun 1) a slang term for the word “town.” 2) any place where one goes to score some go-go juice. Urban Dictionary

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The word "tizzies" in example sentences

And then the media's magical election predictor machine kicks into high gear, and the results stream live to every party in the nation, sending ballrooms of supporters into tizzies and downward spirals. ❋ Dan Zak (2010)

At first blush, it may appear that this brilliant bit of reflexive storytelling is being played for laughs, especially because it has so many of the show's adult characters in tizzies of varying intensity. ❋ Ed Martin (2011)

Before all you tizzies up and run for the old guy who can't even remember where he's speaking ... consider this, WOMEN. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The Parents Television Council is in one of its trademark tizzies and have issued this bulletin from the Department of the Obvious: Network TV likes sex, not marriage. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The economic crisis has rippled across the rivers, driving sellers into hiding, buyers into tizzies of anticipation and analysts and brokers into thorough consternation. ❋ Unknown (2008)

In fact, considering the large number of awards programs out there, the mystery community chokes up a fairly small number of tizzies worth thinking about. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The members of a thousand consciousness-raising groups drove themselves into a thousand tizzies trying to think up a solution to this homely yet vexing problem. ❋ Unknown (2004)

As I carried the tray into the living room, Holy Terror went into one of his Siamese tizzies, flying up and down stairs and around the house at great speed until he swooped over my shoulder and landed in the tray. ❋ Braun, Lilian Jackson (1994)

Now all he had to do was get a little hint of something connected with cultural xenology, and his mind went off on dizzy tizzies. ❋ Randall Garrett (1957)

Horace Greeley is well known to have been an exceedingly bad writer; but when he quoted the well-known line (which is said to be equal to a florin, because there are four tizzies in it) -- ❋ Unknown (1893)

No more nor that old deaf gammon there that costs me three tizzies a week, and haint worth a h'porth -- no more nor Meg there, that's making all she can o 'them pains. ❋ Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1843)

Here clearly was some mushroom usurper who had bought out the old simple, hospitable family, neglected its ancient servants, left them to earn tizzies by showing waterfalls, and insulted their eyes by his selfish wealth. ❋ Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton (1838)

Ads mostly feature the white actors in various tizzies, using accents wide as a boulevard. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The same people who go into shrieking tizzies at the idea of requiring adults to show ❋ Unknown (2010)

I need to be ready for one of Sheri's tizzies and know that I can't help solve her problem this minute. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Yo [ole girl] at [the club] gave me the tizzies in the bathroom, [word is bond]. ❋ Max N. (2007)

She [puts] me [in a tizzy] ❋ Jacob Wells (2005)

"[Dress code] is Dress Tizzy (some colour please 🥰🙏) xx" [Whitby] Wonder 2022 "I want something elegant, though." "No, I want something that I'm going to feel comfortable and my friends will feel comfortable with. Um. I know. Dress Tizzy" -Kath Day Knight 2002 ([Kath] & Kim S01E07 - Party) ❋ Caseyofbeers (2022)

Don't [get yourself] [in a tizzy], now, [dear]. ❋ Observer53 (2006)

[Mary] was in a tizzy when she couldn't [find] her [keys] ❋ Hannibal Lecter (2017)

Bob- yo i just saw a [brezzy] gettin shot up der. shakika- [TIZZY]!!! u fo real or did u kill latishas dog [tizzy] i did ❋ Dan Borsani & Joel Wurschmidt (2005)

Tizzy walked through [the crowd]. Everytime he looked back, people were [shielding] his eyes due his [brightness]. ❋ Dr. Crazzy (2009)

I am on a [quad] of [shrooms] right now, it is so tizzy. [The cubs] lost again! That is so tizzy. ❋ Niggerpussy (2008)

damn yo.. that's tizzie fo [shizzie] ma [grizzie] [nizzie] ❋ Jeebus (2003)

Matt: Yo yo! I’m goin to tizzy to [scroltch] some go-go juice, full throttle. If you want me to snag you some [12 oz curls] you gotta gimme that [mad mozzarella]. ❋ A. Quick (2007)

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