To Burn Blue

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Definitions and meanings of "To Burn Blue"

What do we mean by to burn blue?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word to-burn-blue. Define to-burn-blue, to-burn-blue synonyms, to-burn-blue pronunciation, to-burn-blue translation, English dictionary definition of to-burn-blue.

To love someone with a love that is more than love and to truly mean it. Urban Dictionary

This is what happens when you're in a band and you share a studio with another band. The sharing of the studio also includes the rent, and utilities. So each band is repsonsable for x amount of dollars every month, and each dude in each band pays their part of the X amount of dollars. Unfortunatly the other band's members never have enough money to pay their share of the rent for the studio. So one of their members ends up paying the rent for the other memebers. Of course they always say they will pay you back, but in reality you end up paying many times more rent then the rest of the band memebers. Urban Dictionary

American slang talk for smoking little blue pain pills. Urban Dictionary

The absolutely disgusting and putrid phenomena in which the stagnating blue liquid from a porta-potty splashes up into the butthole after dropping a fat one. Usually, the porta-potty has minimal fecal matter in the bottom, allowing for maximum splash potential. This many times occurs on construction sites after eating subway or any form of mexican food for lunch. Purell hand sanitizer is often placed on the bare hand and rubbed throughout the ass crack and lower thighs to clean the "burn" zone. There are degrees of blue burn: First Degree Blue Burn - Goes inside the sphicter Second Degree Blue Burn- Goes in the ass crack Third Degree Blue Burn - Goes on the legs and butt Urban Dictionary

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The word "to-burn-blue" in example sentences

[Tyler] is burning blue for [kelly] ❋ KaT4ever (2006)

Dude you got [studio] [rent]? Yea I [have it] but a few of my dudes Burn Blue Sky'ed me on it! ❋ Flight Of Flames (2008)

Guy# 1: Hey man... let's [burn] a blue! Guy#2: [No thanks]...I only burn [green]. ❋ JoeyBomm (2023)

OMFG! Second degree blue burned again! Why did I order extra [sour cream] in my burrito? I'm gonna have to [hand sanitizer] [my ass hole]! ❋ Slothbone4 (2014)

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What does to burn blue mean?

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