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Definitions and meanings of "Toboggan"

What do we mean by toboggan?

A long, narrow, runnerless sled constructed of thin boards curled upward at the front end. noun

To coast, ride, or travel on a toboggan. intransitive verb

To decline or fall rapidly. intransitive verb

To slide down-hill on a toboggan.

A long narrow sled made of a single thickness (about ¼ inch) of wood (commonly birch) curved backward at one end, the curved end being kept in place by leather thongs; originally employed by the Indians of Lower Canada to carry loads over the snow, but now used chiefly in the sport of coasting. noun

A kind of sledge made of pliable board, turned up at one or both ends, used for coasting down hills or prepared inclined planes; also, a sleigh or sledge, to be drawn by dogs, or by hand, over soft and deep snow. noun

To slide down hill over the snow or ice on a toboggan. intransitive verb

A long sled without runners, with the front end curled upwards, which may be pulled across snow by a cord or used to coast down hills. noun

A similar sled of wood, pulled by dogs, possibly with steel runners, made to transport cargo. noun

A winter hat or ski mask noun

Something which, once it starts going (figuratively) downhill, is unstoppable until it reaches the bottom. noun

To slide down a hill on a toboggan or other object verb

To (figuratively) go downhill unstoppably until one reaches the bottom. verb

A long narrow sled without runners; boards curve upward in front noun

Move along on a luge or toboggan verb

A long sled without runners, with the front end curled upwards, which may be pulled across snow by a cord or used to coast down hills.

A similar sled of wood, pulled by dogs, possibly with steel runners, made to transport cargo.

Something which, once it starts going (figuratively) downhill, is unstoppable until it reaches the bottom.

(especially South Carolina, West Virginia) A knit cap, designed to provide warmth in cold weather.

A sexual position in which the male is ridding the female near the stairs and proceeds to knock her arms out from under her and ride her down the stairs Urban Dictionary

A sled. Not a knit hat! Urban Dictionary

At the top of a flight of stairs, as you’re doggy-styling a chick, give her a modified donkey punch between her shoulders. As her arms fly into the air, grab her wrists and thrust… You should be able to ride her down the stairs like a toboggan. Urban Dictionary

This is a sexual position where a snowy slope and a women is needed, at the top of the hill, you thrust her up the ass, then push yourself and her down the slope, keep thrusting untell the end of the hill. Urban Dictionary

When a male has sex with a female on the second floor of the stairs, and once he has an orgasm, he knocks out the female, and rides her down the stairs. Urban Dictionary

Sexual act where the "butch" isgiving some to the "bitch" from behind while near a slope. The butch will then knock her arms away to 'ride' him/her down slope. If the bitch is sitting on the butch, and his back is near the slope, he/she may push him back to ride. Urban Dictionary

When the two hottest chicks ever race down the snowy slope; a winter sport in Newmarket; Not for jokes, they don't make the landings Urban Dictionary

When you do a weighty poo then look back into the bowl of the toilet to find that it has magically disappeared. This is in fact a product of fluid dynamics and physics, with the momentum of the poo as it hits the surface of the lavatory providing sufficient exit velocity to skip over the u-bend and out of the bowl. Urban Dictionary

Tobogganism: The belief that the great god Tobogganai is on an uprise. The belief also interprets that after death, Zealots are carried to the afterlife in a Platinum Toboggan. Most followers and or Zealots wear elongated sock hats referred to as Tobögganes. The after realm is commonly referred to as Tobogga. Tobogganism was founded by Jamalla Jarvison McMafuckin'spanky (also referred to as Motha fucking McSpanky) in 1806. While ancient prophecies have condemned that all humans (even with other religious beliefs) are tobogganists. The earliest recognitions of Tobogganism do however refer to the Ancient Druids, while Saint McSpanky disagrees otherwise. Places of worship include but are not limited to: The universal Temple of Tobogganai, St. Chubbs Fellowship LLC, and many more. Currently, Tobagganism consists if a mere 2,376 followers. While most members believe in pure peace, other believe that a harmony is yet to come in a not so distant future. Are you a tobogganist? Urban Dictionary

Another word for condom. Urban Dictionary

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The word "toboggan" in example sentences

Indeed the toboggan was a real hill of ice now, though the frozen covering was thin. ❋ Howard Roger Garis (1917)

In soft snow on a level surface like the river bed or through the Flat country, generally, the toboggan is much the more convenient vehicle, for it rides over the snow instead of ploughing through it, but on hard snow anywhere or on grades the toboggan is a nuisance. ❋ Hudson Stuck (1891)

We each of us had manufactured a toboggan, which is a small sleigh composed of a long thin slip of willow wood turned up in front. ❋ William Henry Giles Kingston (1847)

To accommodate the two planes 'difference in speed, the pilots had to use a complicated maneuver called a toboggan in order to get the tanker and the transport plane close enough to refuel. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Canada's next gold medal could be in the sport, also known as toboggan, and it could be around the neck of an Alberta cowgirl on Friday. ❋ Unknown (2010)

After the accident, the ski patrol was called, and she was taken off the hill in a toboggan, which is standard protocol, according to reports. ❋ Unknown (2009)

aka toboggan accident Yes... well, near one at least. ❋ Drewan (2002)

An eight-paddle blower dispenses the material through a 300° swivel chute that can also place fodder along a feed barrier by directing on to the sloping 'toboggan' slide. ❋ Unknown (2010)

(Er, that's the "toboggan" CAP and not the toboggan SLED for some of our most welcomed East Tennessee transplants.) ❋ Unknown (2010)

In fact the "toboggan" of the Carreiros do Monte hurdle past cars and through turns as the town men on the back guide it from missing one obstacle to another. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"So we took the luge team to a community playground where they sleigh and toboggan, which is where luge came from, and put 'For Sale' signs on their foreheads. ❋ Unknown (2009)

'toboggan' to three hundred dollars upon which the broker calls for margins, and sells the customer out if they are not forthcoming, the whole speculation being based on the manager's 'feeling' that stocks ought to go up. ❋ John James Butler (N/A)

There's a scenic railway, a water toboggan slide, a concert band, a theatre, wild animals, moving pictures, and so forth and so forth. ❋ Unknown (2010)

When a race grows aggressive, their gaunt cheeks can grow flush, giving them the appearance of schoolkids out for a chilly toboggan ride. ❋ Jason Gay (2011)

Maybe I'm a little older, nine or 10, on a toboggan with my sister, my woolly mittens soggy with melting snow, flying down a hill not far from our house on the edge of Belfast Lough. ❋ Unknown (2012)

And as I charge down this toboggan run at frightening speeds, at the edge of capsizing on the sharp curves, feeling the torque and rattle in my bones, my heart feathering through my breast, it occurs to me that this is a modern example of Baillie's sublime. ❋ Richard Bangs (2011)

There is the biggest suspension rope park in central Switzerland, a terrifying zip line, and the Frakigaudi Rodelbahn, the longest summer toboggan run in Switzerland, a shiny steel dragon's tail of a track almost a mile long down which a rider barrels on a wheeled sled. ❋ Richard Bangs (2011)

But it was windy and not at all warm, and I forgot my wool toboggan cap, so my ears hurt. ❋ Greygirlbeast (2009)

There's even a simulated toboggan track for a snow scene. ❋ AP (2010)

i tobogganed [that bitch] [all the way] down [the stairs] last night, where we found her parents ❋ Yip (2003)

"Hey, get out your toboggan, not your [hat], and let's go [sled] [riding]. ❋ Colin (2005)

º11:44pmº dude [i asked] this girl to go [tobogganing] with me and [she said yes] ❋ PX (2003)

-Man I tobogganed that bitch last week so hard, that she still as [the frost] [bites] and bruises. -Fuck [thats crazy], i should try it!!!! ❋ Japonyx69 (2009)

Dude, [we should] totaly toboggan [that bitch] [tonight]. ❋ Daviel (2008)

[oh yeah]... [that's good] *[punch]* wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ❋ Gumba Gumba (2004)

S and E went [tobogganing] together down the [snowy] [hill] ❋ E & S (2010)

Wow [I’ve] [done] a [toboggan] ❋ Tobogganer (2019)

[Chubbs]: are you a tobogganist? Or have you ever heard of [Tobogganism]? [Stranger]: What the hell is a tobogganist? Chubbs: We tobogganists worship the great god Tobogganai! Stranger: *quickly walks away* ❋ B. McSpanky (2014)

Never go [scroggin'](see [definition] to scroggin') without a "[toboggan]". ❋ Cat Blackbone (2019)

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