Definitions and meanings of "Tool"

What do we mean by tool?

A device, such as a saw, shovel, or drill, used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work. noun

A machine, such as a lathe, used to cut and shape machine parts or other objects. noun

The cutting part of such a machine. noun

Something regarded as necessary to the carrying out of one's occupation or profession. noun

Something used in the performance of an operation; an instrument. noun

The penis. noun

A person used to carry out the designs of another; a dupe. noun

A bookbinder's hand stamp. noun

A design impressed on a book cover by such a stamp. noun

A utility program. noun

To form, work, or decorate with a tool. intransitive verb

To ornament (a book cover) with a bookbinder's tool. intransitive verb

To drive (a vehicle). intransitive verb

To work with a tool. intransitive verb

To drive or ride in a vehicle. intransitive verb

To provide an industry or a factory with machinery and tools suitable for a particular job. phrasal verb

In bookbinding, to ornament or give a final shape to by means of a special tool, especially when the mark of the tool is intentionally left visible.

To work with a tool; specifically, in bookbinding, to execute tooling.

A mechanical device intended to make a task easier.

Equipment used in a profession, e.g., tools of the trade.

Something to perform an operation; an instrument; a means.

A piece of software used to develop software or hardware, or to perform low-level operations.

A person or group which is used or controlled, usually unwittingly, by another person or group.


(by extension) An obnoxious or uptight person.

One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-steem.  Urban Dictionary

That guy who makes us shake our head in disbelief but at the same time makes us feel better about ourselves since we are not him.  Urban Dictionary

(n.) - an individual who willingly changes his or her behavior for personal gain or profit. In this context, a tool is similar to a poser, with one important distinction. Because a tool does not consider his actions beyond rudimentary cost/benefit analysis, he or she will often be co-opted by corporations or powerful interest groups to support the lame or corrupt positions held by these organizations. A tool therefore, is quite literally an instrument of the man.  Urban Dictionary

Typically a male, a tool is someone who needs a huge wake up call. They think they are God's gift to the world and will do the dumbest things to attempt to impress people, most commonly girls. Girls will laugh and this will lead this guys to believe that they are laughing because they think they are cute...but really, they are laughing because they think they are idiots. Tools also have the tendency to play with a girl's heart and not care because they think they are "hot" and can get away with anything. They may be attractive on the outside, but on the inside they are anything but.  Urban Dictionary

Contrary to what many people (usually tools) think, being a tool has nothing to do with being easily manipulated. Those people are simply "suckers". In fact, tools often take life too seriously, and therefore try too hard to manipulate others and to win everything, but always playing by the rules of society. Intellectual pursuits are not of any interest to a tool, and people who are interested in them are "stuck-up" or "faggy". A tool just likes to have a few beers, watch and talk about sports constantly, and refer to women as "sluts" and themselves "players". Tools are usually borderline retarded, but hide it well because they have the uncanny ability to conform almost perfectly to social norms. If a movie, or song becomes popular in society, the tool will quickly adapt said movie or song as one of their favorites (see Lil' Jon, Souljah Boy, Boondock Saints). Their "social commentary" is often crudely taken from the last episode of South Park. A tool can usually be spotted wearing a backwards baseball cap and athletic attire, playing beer pong at any large, obnoxious party where loud mainstream rap music is played.  Urban Dictionary

A guy who looks acts and dresses like the typical douchebag trying to fit in. usually there is a certain style that all the guys try to wear to have that look. they are usually unwanted because of their comments and actions that make you dislike them and wish they were not there.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who tries too hard to fit in with everyone else. Someone who can't think for themselves. A fake person. Someone does things to impress people. A person who wears only "branded" or "labelled" clothing and thinks that it makes them cooler than others. A person who tries hard to impress other people Someone who wears two brightly colored collared shirts at the same time and pops both of their collars. In extreme cases, the tool looks like a Vampire (Count Chocula).  Urban Dictionary

Someone who writes a definition for a word on Urban Dictionary that has been posted a billion times before. If the definition is already there, why the fuck would you waste your time posting the exact same thing?  Urban Dictionary

A sad soul who is being used by others often without even realizing it. Often times people other than the "tool" realize what's going on but choose to laugh at the "tool" instead. It is often very sad as the tool usually finds out after he has been all used up and been made a fool of. Sometimes a tool is thought of as a jerk, but is usually a nice generous guy who doesn't mind doing favors. Most of the time the tool is just going through depression or thinks that if he does things it will get people off his back. Tools often are put down as most people don't really like them. Tools are also too stupid to know when they're being used. If you see someone being used you should help them out; most of their "friends" are often lying to them to make them look like an ass in public. Tools can be spotted by causing scenes in public, and people telling them that they're "cool".  Urban Dictionary

A word used by idiotic scenesters to describe anyone who doesn't fit... unfortunately, they don't realize that by conforming to the indie scene, they are still conforming, and whether they realize it or not, their lives are just as meaningless and externally controlled as the man in the cubicle... and that the people who they are calling tools KNOW that they are being used... they just have half a heart to spend their time helping out the aforementioned fools in hopes that they will see the truth and turn their life around.  Urban Dictionary

The word "tool" in example sentences

How to use tool in a sentence? Example sentences with the tool, a sentence example for tool, and how to make tool in sample sentence, how do I use the word tool in a sentence? How do you spell tool in a sentence?

Much as a shuttle is a tool for separating threads, a name is a ˜tool for instructing by separating being™ (388b-c). ❋ Sedley, David (2006)

This is a good tool just to find the overall popularity of a term you can also try this tool~ ❋ Damplatz (2010)

Did You Know? of marketing of Fortune professionals 500 use some increased sort of social social media social media media tool media tool** spend in 2009** CareerBuilder Internal statistics, June 2009, ** University of Mass., ❋ Donleith (2010)

As you may have gathered, Microsoft's built-in tool is not very powerful, so you're probably better off using a third-party option such as Acronis Disk Director 11 Home or one of the free programs, Partition Wizard Home Edition or EaseUs Partition Master 6.1.1 Home Edition. ❋ Jack Schofield (2010)

The problem with forest fires as a terrorist tool is they do not look spectacular on TV which is the main tool they are interested in. ❋ Unknown (2007)

A space where the main tool is ingenuity, where projects are executed without means or intermediaries. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Then, when the tool is abused, the license can be revoked. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Hezbollah strongly denies involvement in the 2005 killing and has questioned the credibility of the U.N. tribunal, which it calls a tool of the Americans and the Israelis. ❋ Leila Fadel (2011)

Hezbollah strongly denies involvement in the 2005 killings and has questioned the credibility of the U.N. tribunal, which it calls a tool of the Americans and the Israelis. ❋ Leila Fadel (2011)

Yes | No | Report from Reid Jones wrote 32 weeks 6 days ago the remington 870 used as a tool is the most reliable shotgun ever made. it doesn't jam. the parts are great. you take it apart and put it back together easily. it gets the job done. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Of course, if the tool is awkward to use, then the energy savings might not be worth it. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This tool is an illustration not only of geometry in action but also of the development of a custom application in Mathematica. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This tool is a nice addition to any enterprise using BGP. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Taliban vows to fight the sham election, which it calls a tool of foreign occupation. ❋ Unknown (2009)

As a former archaeology person this tool is a useful and valuable tool in carrying out ethnohistorical research. ❋ Unknown (2007)

That tool [dosen't] even [know] she's just [using] him. ❋ Tt (2003)

"Jake just spent $[80] buying those [hot chick] shots and then they [walked off] with those other guys!" "He's such a tool!" ❋ Toolguru (2007)

[Mitt Romney] is [a tool]. ❋ Kenny Genius (2011)

Guy: Hey [ladies], [welcome] to the [gun show]. Girl: Wow, you're such a tool. ❋ Thesarcastictruth (2011)

"Whoaaaaaaaaa, [party foul] bro! [What a fag]!" "Wow, [that guy] is such a tool." ❋ Todd Clemens (2008)

Bob is such a tool with his [mid calf] [black socks] and vintage no [snapback] cap going on about that party last night. ❋ BOOOOBIES (2012)

Someone who takes a picture of you on their [camera phone] when you're copying homework in lunch and threatens to show it to [your teacher] is a tool. No one likes [the tool] and everyone talks behind his back. ❋ Gotcha!!! (2006)

A tool is a person who is used by other peo--STFU already! [I wrote this] on an [impulse]. I wrote that on an impulse. I don't need to justify anything to you! Whatever, its just the internet.(ahhh [closure]) ❋ Smelly Arthritis 2 (2006)

Person 1: So that bitch Jessica was just using him like a tool for his homework? Person 2: Yeah, he was oblivious. She messed with his head just because he would do things for her. He thought he was in love. I tried to help him out, but it just wouldn't work out. After he found out he was so embarrassed and started to cry. Person 1: [How sad]. She really is a bitch. Person 2: And to think that she went out with him knowing how much it would break his heart. I don't think she ever really liked him for [who he was]. Person 1: Well at least he can learn from this. Person 2: Yeah, he's [a good guy]. ❋ Banlo990 (2007)

[fool] 1: that kid is [a tool] fool 2: I totally know, right? did you know that I asked for a ride to the store and he gave it to me for free? fool 1: wow... what a tool. he actually HELPED another living being? fool 2: yeah man, lame... hey, who's [frederick] kneetshaw? ❋ Barcodeonneck (2009)

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