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Definitions of "topics"

  • Plural form of topic. noun
  • That branch of logic or rhetoric which treats of topics in the sense of topic, n. noun
  • The most general, fundamental, and naturally elementary branch of geometry, which neither considers lengths, areas, or volumes in their character of being measurable, nor distinguishes straight from curved or crooked lines, nor plane from curved or bent surfaces, but studies only the manner in which the parts of places are continuously connected. noun

The word "topics" in example sentences

Promoted to Headline (H2) on 7/30/08: An Aging Radical on Race and Politics yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'An Aging Radical on Race and Politics'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: A frank look at the title topics from a personal perspective -- with thoughts on current problems facing humanity (ranging from war, the environment, poverty and the prison-industrial complex).. [An Aging Radical on Race and Politics]

I sat on about a dozen panels ranging in topics from the blush-worthy “Got Sex?” to the tech savvy “Kindlemania” to the very popular “What’s next in Urban Fantasy?”.. [2010 April «]

I was talking with a friend over the weekend and we had both come to the conclusion that we really didn't give a toss about one of our main topics of conversation: politics.. [Ennui]

At conferences I sometimes hear stories about places where senior colleagues try to tell tenure-track faculty what to write about (or, worse, forbid certain topics or styles).. [ Ten Reasons Why You Should Teach Here -- And Three Why You Shouldn't (v. 3.0)]

Certain topics are of interest for certain people. .nobody is forcing you to read our discussions ... and nobody is asking for your opinion either in case you havent noticed.. [In regards to locked thread on importing autos..]

I found myself unwilling to comment on certain topics for fear my remark might not pass muster.. [intertribal: the good thing is, I kept thinking of movies I liked, not movies I hated]

One of my favorite comments, which has appeared with disturbing regularity across a wide variety of forums and topics, is the following:. [Daniel Cubias: The Skill that Every Job Requires?]

"I'm very much into technology, so one of my main topics in my life is telling people that yes you can do all sorts of things with technology," he told us.. [Dan Rather: Digital Democracy in Doubt]

For the past few years I have been thinking of ways to improve knowledge of certain topics, and that has led me to the (very few) titles already published on the subject.. [Some Thoughts, Part Nine – Questions « The Graveyard]

None of these topics is included in the 2010 Census.. [Q&A: What you need to know about the 2010 Census]

One of the primary goals of this book is for you to use these readings as a “springboard” for further investigation in topics that interest you related to effective literacy instruction.. [Issues and Trends in Literacy Education « Books « Literacy News]

I would point out that there are many “popular” pro-train topics on the change. gov website.. [Matthew Yglesias » Vote for SUPERTRAINs]

Everything is grouped thematically in topics such as war, food, fashion and sex.. [Book Review: Seymour :]

Liberal media bias is real, and on certain topics is substantial.. [Lovecraft, Sutter, and the Media, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

From this work, we developed seven courses which combine and re-imagine certain topics from our current program and add new ones.. [Is a diploma in teacher-librarianship enough? -Branch]

They seem to show more interest in topics and give as much insight on a specific subject better then any other sportsmans mag. out there.. [Field and Stream vs.]

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Organic Traffics

@_kennedywalsh: people are so quick to comment insensitive things on topics they know nothing about or situations they’ve NEVER experien…




@aagehempel: A Greek merchant ship dating back more than 2,400 years was found lying on its side off the Bulgarian coast …


@yuzuki2940 残念・・・【はずれ】です・・・ キャンペーンはまだまだ続くよ! 次の投稿でまたチャレンジしてね! 『 #教えてぐーぴたいむ 』 #ぐーぴたっ ぐーぴたっキャンペーンサイトはこちら 大久保さんの全おもしろ動画…


Personal property tax, transparency in the law, advising entrepreneurs … These are just some of the topics coming u…

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  • PronunciationsT AA1 P IH0 K S
  • Character6
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