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Hyphenation touch
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Definitions and meanings of "Touch"

What do we mean by touch?

To cause or permit a part of the body, especially the hand or fingers, to come in contact with so as to feel. intransitive verb

To bring something into light contact with. intransitive verb

To bring (one thing) into light contact with something else. intransitive verb

To press or push lightly; tap. intransitive verb

To lay hands on in violence. intransitive verb

To eat or drink; taste. intransitive verb

To disturb or move by handling. intransitive verb

To meet without going beyond; adjoin. intransitive verb

To be tangent to. intransitive verb

To come up to; reach. intransitive verb

To match in quality; equal. intransitive verb

To deal with, especially in passing; treat briefly or allusively. intransitive verb

To be pertinent to; concern. intransitive verb

To affect the emotions of; move to tender response. intransitive verb

To injure slightly. intransitive verb

To color slightly; tinge. intransitive verb

To draw with light strokes. intransitive verb

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The word "touch" in example sentences

It seemed to take him a long time to touch bottom, and when he had, he wondered if _touch_ was quite the word. ❋ Laurence M. Janifer (1967)

By means of the nerves terminating in the touch corpuscles, the skin serves as the _organ of touch_, or feeling ❋ Francis M. Walters (N/A)

"So brilliant," said she, "so short-lived, as my friend Lady Emmeline K---- once said, 'London wit is like gas, which lights at a touch, and at a touch can be extinguished;'" and Lady Davenant concluded with a compliment to him who was known to have this "_touch and go_" of good conversation to perfection. ❋ Maria Edgeworth (1808)

Slide 9: Word Work  un+ touch+ ed = untouched - not to touch  un + know + ❋ Unknown (2008)

I gotta put my hands on those motors -- touch 'em -- I mean really _touch 'em_ -- then I know what to do! " ❋ Carey Rockwell (N/A)

Running away without keeping in touch is something that a 19 year old fry cook at Dennys would do, but a governor? ❋ Unknown (2009)

I don't actually follow Northern Irish news all that closely these days, but one of the ways I keep in touch is to read the weekly political update from lobbying firm Chambré Public Affairs (I still feel a bit guilty about nearly putting the author's eye out with an arrow from a toy bow when he was five and I was six). ❋ Nwhyte (2009)

Why my fellow award winners and nominees have not kept in touch is beyond me. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Seventy-one percent report that keeping in touch is easier, 53% report it improves communication, and 45% report that family relationships overall are improved with the Internet. ❋ Unknown (2009)

We were in touch from the start with archivists at the presidential libraries. ❋ Unknown (2006)

To "keep in touch" is always to maintain a resonant interval of play between figure and ground, between our jobs and our lives, and between all of our interests and responsibilities. ❋ Unknown (1972)

On the other hand, if the thing sensed is active, as with a light pen, the term touch screen is usually not relevant. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The main problem I faced with the touch is the availability/clunkiness of logging into wifi. (by clunkiness I mean you have to fire up a web browser and do some login – not fast enough for a quick email check) However I was a big user of the iPod touch in my home and friends homes, work wifi etc etc. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Om: As a user of both the iPod touch and the iPhone, I am not too sure that the touch is a booster of the mobile web. ❋ Unknown (2009)

As for not being in touch, that is what we have come to expect of Sanford: Someone who is really really "out of touch". ❋ Unknown (2009)

Back then people wore them to protect themselves from what they called the touch. ❋ Holly Black (2010)

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