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What does the word touch-up mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word touch-up in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with touch-up and anagrams of touch-up.

Definitions of "touch-up"

  • a slight correction or adjustment noun
  • used or intended for slight corrections or adjustments adjective

The word "touch-up" in example sentences

Photos from The Libman Company LIBMAN FREEDOM: A touch-up mop to use in between deep cleanings with a traditional mop.. [Going Mop Head to Mop Head on the Floor]

Chanel Joues Contraste in 65 Espiègle, £30.24, 020-7493 3836 A subtle pink that looks great with red lips and comes in the perfect compact for a public touch-up.. [Beauty: Blushers]

With a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or rotate photos and videos.. [Movie Photo | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

I think that might be the contour of her quad muscles, and the Korean version is a touch-up to make it look a bit more "normal".. [In case you missed it: Demi Moore's lawyers threaten Boing Boing over photo analysis post Boing Boing]

Some are permanent and require a touch-up every 6-8 weeks and most formulas you can do weekly or bi-monthly to extend a salon visit or enhance and revitalize your existing hair color.. [Nicole Cothrun Venables: 7 Non-Toxic Solutions to Healthy Hair Color]

Lane said that he received only three complaints about the mural and that his request for a touch-up had nothing to do with political pressure.. [Arizona Elementary School Whiten Faces Issue «]

There has since been some minor touch-up work to the home, including replacing the appliances in the kitchen, Mr. Ko said.. [Home for a Large Family]

Hence, the spray-on tan (which was totally worth the headache -- I look hot), root touch-up, other 'maintenance' shall we say that isn't always pleasant.. [Make That Two Suitcases - SpouseBUZZ]

But that an aspiring state senator of modest means and minimal reputation could afford such a quality professional touch-up impressed me as an angle worth examining.. [Deconstructing Obama]

Principal after principal, security company after security company, a little touch-up paint, but the bathrooms are still the same.. [Michelle Rhee outspoken to the end of her tenure as D.C. schools chancellor]

 It looked pretty much done at that point, so the only further touch-up was to scratch away some of the paint to highlight the form of the bird.. [Kater’s Art » Blog Archive » 48 Birds #1: The songbird that teaches]

It reminds me of HP's touch-up mode from a few years ago.. [At 2010 PDN PhotoPlus Expo, thin digital cameras are in]

What, less than an hour ago, was merely a sturdy, functioning porch in need of touch-up paint was now also, and quite dramatically, a waterfall.. [The Hole in the Wall « A Fly in Amber]

And when Cyrus stopped for a touch-up at the makeup table corner, the older actress pointed to the greenroom and yelled, "Miley, we are forging ahead in here!". [Onstage drama and backstage delight at the Academy Awards]

One day the beautiful neurosurgeon, Jane Foster, stops in for a quick touch-up and trim in between brain transplants.. [Robert Brenner: A Thor Subject]

So when you find yourself wanting to skip the workout and dash off for a pedicure or hair touch-up instead, don't go there, dearie.. [Exercising gets more important with age]

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@eastofell but also any tattoo artist worth their shit WOULD do a complimentary touch-up if some areas end up patch…


@Stonekettle "Hernia"? I suspect a hair plug touch-up.


What’s the point of touch-up offside if the whistle gets blown the second the puck goes over the blue line with an…

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Mother Mother - Touch Up
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Paint Chip Touch-up -- /DRIVE CLEAN
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