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Definitions of "touchdown"

  • Football An act of carrying, receiving, or gaining possession of the ball across the opponent's goal line for a score of six points. noun
  • The contact, or moment of contact, of a landing aircraft or spacecraft with the landing surface. noun
  • A six-point score occurring when the ball enters possession of a team's player in the opponent's end zone. Analogous to a try in rugby. noun
  • The moment when an aircraft makes first or final contact with the ground during a landing. noun
  • A try noun
  • The act of touching the football down behind the opponents' goal; also the score (6 points) resulting from such a play. noun
  • In foot-ball, the touching of the ball to the ground by a player behind his opponent's goal; the play by which this is done. noun
  • a landing (as the wheels touch the landing field); especially of airplanes noun
  • a score in American football; being in possession of the ball across the opponents' goal line noun
  • come or bring (a plane) to a landing verb

The word "touchdown" in example sentences

"Ending it on a pick returned for a touchdown is an extremely disappointing thing," said Delhomme, who completed 13-of-25 passes for 153 yards and one touchdown with two interceptions.. []

He played tight end at The Citadel and led the nation in touchdown receptions — in 1959.. [Maguire will take reduced role in ESPN college football coverage]

Hearing that a team scored only one touchdown is bad, until you find out that no one else scored at all in any other games.. [David C. Wilson: What's the Real Story behind Obama's Poll Numbers? They're all Relative.]

Jaworski and became the franchise's all-time leader in touchdown passes. [UFR: Earth, Wind combine for rare feat]

A touchdown is a touchdown, no matter what unit scores.. [For Super Bowl winners, the most vital stat to victory is ...]

Campbell found tight end Zach Miller uncovered for a 43-yard walk-in touchdown for a 7-0 lead.. [Broncos Embarrassed By Rival Raiders At Home]

Even getting more than one touchdown is a vast improvement.. [Alyssa Jung: Bills Fall to Pats, But Keep the Hope Alive]

•Wide receiver: Greg Jennings is an emerging star and will soon get a hefty raise if he keeps hauling in touchdown strikes from Rodgers.. [Will offseason corrections have Packers reaching for the sky?]

No. 18 Tulsa at Arkansas, 2 p.m. Golden Hurricane offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn returns with his high-powered attack led by quarterback David Johnson, who leads the nation in touchdown passes.. [Lots of questions to be solved in home stretch of season]

Cantwell threw for 212 yards and ran in Louisville's other touchdown from the 1.. []

Brown scored the decisive touchdown from the single-wing formation the Dolphins revived two weeks ago, and a goal-line stand in the fourth quarter preserved a seven-point lead.. []

John Fox didn't know it at the time, but when starting quarterback Jake Delhomme left the field last year with what turned out to be a season-ending elbow injury, the Carolina Panthers coach lost the player who would lead his team in touchdown passes for the season … and that was in Week 3.. [Panthers' hopes pinned to Delhomme's scarred elbow]

He leaves the NFL as its all-time leader not only in touchdown passes but in interceptions.. [And now Favre's gone; what's next for Packers?]

The I-A career leader in touchdown passes (131) could not find the end zone on this night.. []

We'll be listening for the word touchdown in something like 50 different languages.. [CNN Transcript Sep 25, 2006]

The story of a game against Killeen in 1968 during which a woman hit the referee with her purse after he called a touchdown is told by Hugh Sullivan, former coach and athletic director.. [Temple Daily Telegram News Feed]

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These are two even teams, man. Nothing coming easy either way, each point feels like touchdown. 8-7 Central.


@BloggingTheBoys: Cole Beasley's last touchdown with the Cowboys was incredible (via @dallascowboys)


@SebPatriots: #MCIS04 ManCity gewinnt nur mit einem Touchdown, beachtliche Schalker Defense 👌 #rannfl #ranNFLsuechtig


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  • Pronunciations(tŭchˈdounˌ)
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation touch down


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