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A company that recalled more cars than it sold in 2006. Urban Dictionary

I asian made car that kills you when ever it feels like Urban Dictionary

Cars that used to be more reliable than domestic builders in the 1970s, 1980s, and part of the 1990s. However, they have assumed that they can build good cars by divine right, and have made many problematic vehicles. One such example is the poor PCV system found on their 3.0L V6. They are also convinced that only an idiot can have a warranty problem with one of their cars, and if you do, prepare for a fight. Urban Dictionary

A Japanese automobile manufacturer whose ultimate goal is to destroy every last trace of the American automotive industry through paying off news media and shady, under-the-table business practice. However, their arrogance is going to their heads (a la GM and Ford circa 1975) and now quality is starting to slip and Toyota's design is getting uglier by the day. Lexus IS300s in China are being recalled because of the possibility of an engine explosion. But like the good sheep we Americans are, we continue to buy Toyota Camrys in droves because we read Consumer Reports and believe their (biased) opinion. Urban Dictionary

Awesome car company with performance vehicles many people overlook and reliability to add on. makes wonderful motors such as the 2jz-gte, 7m-gte, 4age (16 and 20 valve), 4agze,18rg, 22r, 3sgte. people clown but they don't know. i take toyota over anything. im a car guy sorry. Urban Dictionary

A piece of shit car that's "Moving Forward" into hell. Any american who buys a toyota needs to be beaten with a stick, pissed on, and then beaten again. Urban Dictionary

Toyota is a shity jap car company that has let quality slip in the last few years. They just got surpassed by FORD (ford rules) in America. Any American who thinks these shity jap rice burnres are good are ignorant shit heads and need to go kill themselves. BUY AMERICAN!!!!!! Urban Dictionary

MR2, Supra, AE86 corolla. better then any piece of shit american nothings. toyota has a 10yr look out, compared to chevy w/ a 3yr look out. meaning toyota knew in 1990 where they'd be in 2000. chevy plays off the stock market, and also still manage to make tiny ppl feel cramped. if you want american, do it right, go w/ an old muscle car, dont' go w/ a ricer piece of plastic and a yugo motor that has a ford, chevy or dodge badge on it. Urban Dictionary

A piece of shit japanese car company who would love to see american automobile industry fall to the ground. Soon to be dominated by ford motor company and General Motors. An automobile company that has the most recalls out of every automobile manufacturer. Urban Dictionary

T-akes O-ne Y-ellow O-riental T-o A-ssemble Urban Dictionary

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The word "toyota" in example sentences

My little 1996 toyota is lost in a snow drift, but one good thing is i made the best black beans today, can't wait to smear them on a flour tortilla for din-din. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Sponsored Links for japanese fur scorpion softness is guaranteed jeremy piven recall toyota what's this? ❋ Unknown (2010)

Hot Trends move your money pontiac vibe recall toyota floor mat recall toyota recall tylenol recall 2009 ❋ Unknown (2009)

Hot Trends elizabeth warren geithner testimony lexus recall toyota recall tylenol recall 2009 ❋ Unknown (2008)

Hot Trends move your money pontiac vibe recall toyota toyota recall tylenol recall 2009 ❋ Unknown (2008)

Flemington Hyundai gives recalled toyota owner a brand new Sonata ❋ Unknown (2010)

Before he left I asked to use his phone to call toyota and stated that if they didn’t meet my price I was going to the competion. savings $4,000 ❋ Unknown (2004)

toyota « WordPress. com Tag Feed Feed of posts on WordPress. com tagged "toyota" ❋ Unknown (2009)

Even the family with the cop who died in their toyota while calling 911 were a bit dumb ❋ Unknown (2010)

Having to buy insurance is about like saying – “everyone has to buy either a ford, gm, dodge or toyota truck.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

(Albeit without the DIY satisfaction) So in my analogy you could also add ... "or you can buy a toyota for $20k" joeny1980 rfquerin ❋ Unknown (2009)

I would say that any truck is a good truck, chevy, toyota, ford, dodge, whatever. ❋ Unknown (2009)

As for the bond you bought with toyota .... sounds like a good deal ... and a safe bet. saludos jl1 ❋ Unknown (2009)

Anonymous said ... mabye you should go buy a toyota and just see what happens? ❋ Tyler (2009)

[Damn], your [Toyota Camry] is [ugly as hell]. ❋ Eli Dubbs (2007)

My [toyota prius] just [gave me aids] [yo] ❋ Nathan666 (2010)

My mother had an oil leak from her 2002 [Solara]. For 1 hour and 30 minutes, We had to listen to some snobby [salesman] tell us that Toyotas can't break unless maintained by idiots. Finally the [dealership] mechanic pointed out the oil leak, and the rude salesman didn't even make an attempt at an apology. The manufacturer that is making new domestic drivers everyday. ❋ Artificialist (2005)

We're Toyota...we complain when the value of the Yen gets too low because then the [domestics] actually get a fair chance to compete with us. Toyota claims to be [a lean], green hybrid machine...but the fact is that they're SUVs and trucks get worse [gas mileage] than American SUVs and trucks. And Toyota has just announced a 9th SUV to the lineup. See hypocrites. ❋ Trucru82 (2005)

[1975] [corolla] sr-5 is slow. put a 20v its quick. put a [3sgte] its fast. ❋ Fukin Smart (2004)

Look at my toyota! It's [mpg] is higher than [my IQ], and it's so [roomy] inside that I can buttfuck two gay men while driving to my mom's house for an orgy! ❋ Wanna Know My Name? My Name Is FUCK OFF BITCH!!! (2007)

bob- did you see that crappy piece of shit [Toyota] bill- yeah fuck those [goddamn] [japs] ❋ A Great Fucking American (2009)

[MR2] - italian looks, japanese reliabilty [Supra] - self-explanitory, its a [supra] [AE86] - drifting for about $1500 ❋ Illegal Blitz (2004)

Mike, I should listened to you when you told me to spend my money where [I made it]. That ford would look alot better in my driveway than that [rice burner]. Support the [american economy], blow up your toyota. Keep it in Japan. ❋ Al77 (2007)

toyota made for 2foot8 [midgets] that can see [180 degrees] with them [eyes] ❋ Cordy23 (2006)

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