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What does the word tpn mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word tpn in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with tpn and anagrams of tpn.

Definitions of "tpn"

  • administration of a nutritionally adequate solution through a catheter into the vena cava; used in cases of long-term coma or severe burns or severe gastrointestinal syndromes noun

The word "tpn" in example sentences

Seattle needs to de-densify to compete with the superior sprawl of the suburbs. tpn. [Columbia Center Owners Miss Mortgage Payment « PubliCola]

Ivan, you did note, right, that the rebuild "did not get anywhere close to 50%" right? tpn. [PubliQuestion: Few Voters Support McGinn’s Surface/Transit Option « PubliCola]

Or at least pollute a perfectly good comments page with your unhinged propagandist blather. tpn. [McGinn Responds to Boos from Labor « PubliCola]

Just putting off paving the roads. tpn potholes are a lot worse on bikes then they are on cars. morning fizzy. [Mayor McGinn Talks Budget Cuts, Parks « PubliCola]

Also, at 12 stories, it is in the proper height range for dense, walkable urbanism. tpn density = affordable -- like, in Manhattan, eh?. [Big Pink Thing « PubliCola]

They'll still be able to lay them off if that's what you are concerned about - they just need to do it with a little more thought and a little more process. tpn. [Afternoon Fizz: Shhh. Don’t Tell Mike McGinn « PubliCola]

A big fat BOO to Burgess, Conlin, Godden, and the Sallys. tpn. [Five-Four Vote Sends Panhandling Law to Mayor for Promised Veto « PubliCola]

It's not that big of a deal, and other than super-anti-McGinn folks, disaffected supporters, and a few of the local political crazies, nobody will really care. tpn. [Afternoon Fizz: McGinn Froze Salaries But Got Cost-of-Living Adjustment « PubliCola]

But that single reporter played by a different set of rules. tpn. [McGinn’s Budget Briefing: Gloom, Doom, and Reorganization « PubliCola]

You have to kind of let go and tell the truth, or else no one can hear you! tpn yes, he needs to reveal himself for the Green-populist demogogue that he is, as he rewards political allies with jobs and contracts that have little to do with qualifications. tpn. [Council Moving Closer to McGinn on 520 Light Rail « PubliCola]

Thanks for continuing to mention his heroic work in saying No to fiscal irresponsibility. tpn. [Sustenance in South Park « PubliCola]

TIGER grants werent made to fund an entire project ($99million dollar?!?) tpn. [Sustenance in South Park « PubliCola]

Tell developers to keep their grubby hands off that southern lot. tpn. [Tunnel Construction Could Be Delayed One Year « PubliCola]

They all have their own "fan" base and help raise money for each other - very common tpn. [Rossi: “I Plan to be Active in Shaping Policy…” « PubliCola]

Watch for 5 to 8% real estate appreciation every year over the next four years. tpn. [Seattle Home Prices: The Lowest Since 2005 « PubliCola]

A ` straw man argument used against a straw man argument ... cool. tpn. [DSA: Panhandling Proposal Isn’t Rich vs. Poor « PubliCola]

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How to prepare and administer TPN
How to prepare and administer TPN
Total Parenteral Nutrition
Total Parenteral Nutrition
How I set up TPN and fluids using my PICC line
How I set up TPN and fluids using my PICC line

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