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Definitions of "trade-ins"

  • Plural form of trade-in. noun

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In response, auto makers including Daimler, Nissan Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG are racing to build used-car operations that can take trade-ins for new cars and offer dealer guarantees and services on used vehicles.. [China's Next Milepost: Used Cars]

GameStop is marketing tablets running Google Inc.'s platform as gaming platforms and also recently began accepting trade-ins of Apple Inc.'s iPad.. [GameStop Again Cuts Same-Store Sales Forecast]

The National Automobile Dealers Association last week raised values again on many small- and medium-size cars in its latest Used Car Guide, which is widely used by dealers when deciding what to offer for cars taken as trade-ins.. [A Good Time to Trade in That Gently Used Car]

The one-two punch has added between $1,500 to $3,000 to the price of some used cars just in the last six months, meaning more money for trade-ins and a tougher time for shoppers looking for a deal.. [Shrinking Supplies Mean Bye-Bye Used-Car Bargain]

The move is raising the value of trade-ins, helping dealers convince customers to buy brand new cars.. [Shrinking Supplies Mean Bye-Bye Used-Car Bargain]

The topsy-turvy market has dealers that once quickly dumped trade-ins to wholesalers now holding onto those vehicles to fill out their shrinking inventories.. [Shrinking Supplies Mean Bye-Bye Used-Car Bargain]

The $10 trade-ins are discs in more demand, apparently, or not as old.. [Trade in Warner DVDs for Blu-Ray » DVDs Worth Watching]

Shortly after the quake, he ordered his managers to buy 200 additional used vehicles to top off his inventory, and is now keeping used cars he takes as trade-ins instead of selling them at auctions.. [Dealers Shift Gears as Inventories of Made-in-Japan Cars Run Low]

The second group of customers is what Mr. Dreiling calls "the trade-ins," people who can afford to shop elsewhere, but choose to go to the dollar stores.. [Frontier of Frugality]

It costs $15 but it gives you additional money on both trade-ins and used games.. [Divestiture]

I should probably just trade my next round of trade-ins for My Stop Smoking Coach.. [Divestiture]

Initially, I wanted cash, but the guy said that because a part of it was paid for with trade-ins, that I would only be able to recieve a credit at the store, which I could come back anytime and spend on whatever game stuff I wanted.. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Game Crazy can eat my cheese. Seriously. EAT IT!]

"Our survey of 10 games on both sites suggests that the Amazon merchant is offering a slight premium to GameStop for a number of trade-ins.". [Amazon Announces Game Trade-In Program To Compete With GameStop - The Consumerist]

Previously proposed taxes on boat services, haircuts, automobile trade-ins, car washes and coupons were ditched after industry groups lobbied to keep tax breaks intact.. [Budget Deal Has Big Maybe]

If you are in that business, then your source of product is likely trade-ins, probably available at a discount.. [Plenty to Like in Freedomnomics, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Japanese vehicles taken as trade-ins at Chevy and Ford stores are being moved to increase used-car inventory at Toyota, Honda and Nissan dealerships.. [Quake Throws AutoNation Into a Spin]

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Trading in car soon? Don't make this mistake!
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