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  • Alternative form of trade wind. noun

The word "trade-wind" in example sentences

The fading trade-wind wisps sighed and rustled between longer intervals of quiescence.. [THE BONES OF KAHEKILI]

Elsinore, by the wind, under an Alpine range of canvas, every sail set from skysails to try-sails and spanker, slipping across the surface of a mild trade-wind sea, and no hand at the wheel to guide her.. [CHAPTER XVIII]

It did not shower up Nuuanu, and every overhead star was out in a clear trade-wind sky.. [THE KANAKA SURF]

The crisp off-shore trade-wind caught the beard's fringes and blew them backward and upward yards and yards into the air.. [THE KANAKA SURF]

As the Ariel began to move through the water and heeled to the filling of her canvas by the brisk trade-wind, the Commissioner and Captain. [CHAPTER XXIV]

A gentle breath of the dying trade-wind fanned them, and they rose and fell monotonously on the smooth swells of a perfect summer sea.. [Bunches of Knuckles]

The usual trade-wind clouds were absent, and the sun, still low in its climb to meridian, turned all the sky to heated brass.. [A SON OF THE SUN]

So in this trade-wind weather I see a great deal of Miss West.. [CHAPTER XX]

The crests of the walls were saw-toothed, volcanic peaks, capped. and halo'd with captive trade-wind clouds.. [THE DEVILS OF FUATINO]

Far up the mountains, that towered many thousands of feet into the trade-wind clouds, arose many signal smokes that advertised the coming of the vessel.. [CHAPTER IX]

“I have heard you grow eloquent over the brave trade-wind.”. [Chapter 27]

It was a large sloop-yacht, and it was helpless inasmuch as the trade-wind was blowing half a gale and there were no capable sailors aboard.. [The King of the Greeks]

Occasional light airs were felt, however, and Wolf Larsen patrolled the poop constantly, his eyes ever searching the sea to the north-eastward, from which direction the great trade-wind must blow.. [Chapter 6]

If you are extremely lucky, it may happen that one trade-wind will practically take you over into the other; but, as a rule, this region will cause quite a serious delay to sailing-ships; either there are frequent calms, or shifting and unsteady winds.. [The South Pole~ From Madeira to the Barrier]

Sick men crawled up out of their stifling hammocks; strong men fell on their knees and gave God thanks; and all eyes and hands were stretched eagerly toward the far blue cloud, fading as the sun sank down, yet rising higher and broader as the ship rushed on before the rich trade-wind, which whispered lovingly round brow and sail, “I am the faithful friend of those who dare!”. [Westward Ho!]

Air temperatures near the level of the trade-wind inversion (1.5 km) as well as 10 m air temperatures during the past 50 and 100 years, respectively, averaged over the Caribbean (see Supplementary Information), have risen faster than SSTs, indicating an enhanced stability of the lower atmosphere and a strengthening of the trade-wind inversion that reduces the influence of thermodynamic energy from a warmer ocean.. [Unthreaded #12 « Climate Audit]

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