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Definitions of "training"

  • The process or routine of one who trains. noun
  • The state of being trained. noun
  • Present participle of train. verb
  • action of the verb to train. noun
  • the activity of imparting and acquiring skills. noun
  • the result of good social upbringing. noun
  • the process by which two modems determine which protocol and speed to use; handshaking. noun
  • the recording of multiple samples of a user's voice to aid pattern recognition. noun
  • The act of one who trains; the act or process of exercising, disciplining, etc.; education. noun
  • Practical education in some profession, art, handicraft, or the like; instruction coupled with practice in the use of one's powers: as, manual training; a sound business training. noun
  • The act or process of developing the physical strength and powers of endurance, or of rendering the system capable of performing some notable feat; also, the condition of being so prepared and capable. noun
  • In gardening, the art or operation of forming young trees to a wall or espalier, or of causing them to grow in a desired shape. noun
  • Drill; practice in the manual of arms and in simple manœuvers, such as is provided for militia. Compare train-band, training-day. noun
  • Synonyms Nurture, Education, etc. (see instruction); drill, schooling, breeding, tuition. noun
  • the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior) noun
  • activity leading to skilled behavior noun

The word "training" in example sentences

In other words, having felt their early training to be mere _training_, the moment they strip off the constraint, they plunge into the opposite extreme of _no_ constraint.. [Humanity in the City]

But in that nobility men need training, -- _scientific training_.. [The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakspere Unfolded]

_thorough training_ to some special end, and a willingness to share the training of men both for specific and moral reasons.. [A Practical Illustration of "Woman's Right to Labor" A Letter from Marie E. Zakrzewska, M.D. Late of Berlin, Prussia]

Oh, and “died in training is close enough for me.”. [Matthew Yglesias » Some F-22 Links]

The ongoing tales of the 51 superhero teams in training is chock full of everything I love in a monthly: suspense, action, great artwork, interesting characters, and a little bit of comedy for good measure.. [PULL LIST: SUMMER EDITION « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more]

The idea of superhero kids in training is cool because it gives ample time to show a variety of super powers.. [MOVIE REVIEW: Sky High]

The doula in training is the woman who I contacted on Craigslist about a stroller a few weeks back.. [sometimes it's a very very small town]

The doula in training is a PhD student who works in the next building.. [sometimes it's a very very small town]

A distinction I sometimes make in my training is the one between intervening and interfering (while recognising that the one shades into the other).. [P is for Presence « An A-Z of ELT]

Usually this training is accomplished through a Master of Science program at The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) 's Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB) or through programs in the different schools at Penn.. [Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship]

One of my best schools for teacher training is a secondary school run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver.. [Compulsory equality in Ontario classrooms « Anglican Samizdat]

It takes a lot of training, but the training is the best part!. [Become a Book Review Ninja: 10 Steps to Mastery | Write to Done]

I have heard that varying your training is an excellent way to go, ie mix up speeds at which you walk, alternate that with jogging; throw in some resistance.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger lite.]

And in late January, North Korea fired artillery shells from shoreline positions into water near the maritime border in what it called a training exercise.. [Korean Rescuers Search for Survivors]

On Jan. 27, North Korea fired artillery shells from shoreline positions into water near the maritime border in what it called a training exercise.. [Downed South Korea Ship Spurs Rescue, Questions]

Letting a youngster handle a high powered rifle with out this training is asking for disaster.. [More Young Guns]

Training on Social Media

Organic Traffics

@Lady_Vi_2U: Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya, a Brooklyn resident, left at 30 years old to become an ISIS terrorist. Receives training from them..…


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@TheShireFC: Player update - Liam Allison @LiamAllison1 has recently returned to full training after spending most of the season recove…

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  • Character8
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