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  • Plural form of trance. noun

The word "trances" in example sentences

In sum, he has so far been an oddly passive figure, “wafted by a favoring gale/As one sometimes is in trances”, an actor who has mastered the lines given to him instead of the auteur of his own Presidency.. [Stromata Blog:]

It's sometimes called Charismatic Christianity, and often involves a belief in trances, visions, and dreams.. [Christianity's New Center]

My Uncle Bill related the story of "the Wry-mouth Family," with such twists and contortions and killing extremes of the ludicrous as perfectly overcame even the minister; and he was to be seen, at one period of the evening, with a face purple with laughter, and the tears actually rolling down over his well-formed cheeks, while some of the more excitable young people almost fell in trances, and rolled on the floor in the extreme of their merriment.. [Oldtown Folks]

The only thing that can break them out of their trances is a frag grenade.. []

For still, in those days of his which are "trances," and in those "nightly dreams" which are all he lives for, he is with her; with her still, with her always;. [Visions and Revisions A Book of Literary Devotions]

She suffered from "trances" or "dreaming" spells, in which she would lose consciousness for several minutes or longer, and be unaware when she recovered that time had passed.. [Shawna R. B. Atteberry]

Fincher gets the details right - the energy drinks, the alcohol, the programmers with their headphones deep in their anti-social trances - and he captures Harvard's oak-and-crimson ambience.. [Building A Winning 'Network,' But At What Cost?]

The disorder can cause seizures, trances, and hallucinations that last for days or weeks.. [They're Alive: Real Scientific Reasons to Believe in Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies]

Only once did I, in my trances, get a hint of the period preceding the time spent on the island.. [Chapter 19]

Tara had never known much about normal, and it felt really nice to be reading the paper at a kitchen table without oracles running underfoot, flinging rose petals or falling into trances.. [Rogue Oracle]

These communications could be dramatic and even disconcerting the mediums, of course, maintained that they could not control the free spirits, so generally speaking, Spiritualists did not go into trances in their children's lyceums.. [Henry Louis Gates, Jr.: Harriet Wilson's Sunday School]

This, perhaps above all, may explain why Wilson decided to set up her own "liberal minded" school in the first place, although her desire to expose children to the utterances of the dead transmitted through teachers in trances was probably a strong motivation as well.. [Henry Louis Gates, Jr.: Harriet Wilson's Sunday School]

An American psychic who claimed to be able to channel information through self-induced trances.. [Five People Born on March 18 | myFiveBest]

Janet Taylor, whom we had named Butterfly almost from the first day here, went into these catatonic trances more and more lately.. [Raven]

Her fabulous trances involve nervous but sprightly, high-kicking dance maneuvers, withIrving Berlingramophone accompaniment, on a shallow stage in (at best) semi-darkness — wearing high heeled shoes.. [Blithe Spirit]

In single jacket trances I have lived the many lives involved in the thousand-years-long Odysseys of the early drifts of men.. [Chapter 21]

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