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Definitions and meanings of "Transacted"

What do we mean by transacted?

To do, carry through, conduct or perform some action.

To carry over, hand over or transfer something.

To conduct business.

To exchange or trade, as of ideas, money, goods, etc.

The sex you get from a crossdresser. Urban Dictionary

A crap word sometimes used by snapperheads to make themselves sound intellectual, rather than using one of the many other more generally accepted alternatives like "process" or even "do". Urban Dictionary

A drug deal. It could be both ways, you supplying the drug for money or you buying the drug. Urban Dictionary

To mimic the swiping gesture of a cedit card with an iPhone 4 between the butt cheeks of one's girlfriend Urban Dictionary

The 5 foot radius around a debit machine or bank machine - to allow privacty when using your P.I.N. number. Urban Dictionary

The act of swiping a credit, debit, ID, Library, Social Security, Novelty birthday card between someones bum cheeks or crack. The swiper (or MotherSwiper) then proceeds to smell the shitty side of the card and asks the swipeé if he or she would like a receipt. Originates on the small Island Utopia of Guernsey. It is believed by most historians that the first person to ever recieve the pooey transaction was Joseph Robert Cowens, as resident of Guernsey (Shortly after dipping his love nuts in a fish tank) Urban Dictionary

When you’re eating someone’s ass and they fart in your mouth and then you burp it back into their face. Urban Dictionary

When a group of people all pitch in their cash for a meal then one member takes all the cash and uses his credit card to pay for the bill and in turns gets all the cash, gets points on his credit card and usually it goes on his company credit card. Effectively getting your cash transaction jacked. Urban Dictionary

A pocket transaction occurs when money completely misses the cash register and "accidentally" ends up in the pocket of a minimum wage employee. Urban Dictionary

The activity in which two men stick a 4 foot, approx. 3 inch diameter, glass tube between their asses and excrete into both ends; both men are allowed to move around but the tube must remain in place, and the first person to get their feces in the other's asshole wins. Urban Dictionary

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The word "transacted" in example sentences

Departmental Rule VIII, section 1, clause (_b_), is hereby amended by inserting after the word "transacted" the following: "and from the office of the Solicitor of the Treasury;" and after the word ❋ Benjamin Harrison (1867)

The target has not "transacted" with any other party, Autonomy said. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Interesting question, but notice that the definition of transaction costs does not require that something be "transacted". ❋ DChen (2010)

: Interesting question, but notice that the definition of [[transaction costs]] does not require that something be "transacted". ❋ DChen (2010)

(EDT): Interesting question, but notice that the definition of [[transaction costs]] does not require that something be "transacted". ❋ DChen (2010)

One of the plots zoned for mixed-use development attracted only one bid, and was transacted at 6,665 yuan $1,051 per square meter, lower than prices fetched by nearby plots, Xinhua said. ❋ Unknown (2011)

These days the value of enterprise resides in or is transacted in bits. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Only one transacted at a marginally higher price than the starting bid, Xinhua said. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Perhaps opponents should fill the Council Chambers for each and every Council meeting and disrupt it, preventing any business from being transacted, until such time that the Council assures that it will rescind this decision? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Chengdu recently put up five land plots for auction, out of which two bids fell through and the remaining were transacted at low prices, Xinhua noted. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Until the early 19th century, all divorces were transacted in the ecclesiastical courts, where witness statements were taken down verbatim, in private. ❋ Tessa Hadley (2011)

As we entered this city, our minds were filled with the remembrance of the events that had been transacted there more than a century and a half before. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Just customers in a stream of customers, nothing out of the ordinary and when the business is transacted and complete both forget each other. sexworkeradvocate, on February 6th, 2009 at 11: 46 am Said: ❋ Unknown (2009)

Seven transacted at low prices, another seven auctions were delayed, while one fell through. ❋ Unknown (2011)

It's the gravitational pull of knowing there will be $15 to $20 billion of spending being transacted during the next couple of months. ❋ Emily Steel (2011)

EBS reports the number of trades, but not the amount of currency transacted. ❋ Stephen L. Bernard (2012)

KUALA LUMPUR -- Fortis Healthcare India Ltd.'s chairman says there are more investors interested in buying stakes in medical diagnostics chain Super Religare Laboratories Ltd., and they are willing to a pay above the last transacted price. ❋ Ankur Relia (2011)

A one-time expectation that a friend may or may not be on time, treated in a joking fashion, with a bet, is one thing, and the goods “transacted” are part of the joking, they are not an “attempt to make whole”. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Man, that girl I met at [the bar] last night was really [a dude]. [It's okay], I got me some sweet transaction. ❋ JL Patrick (2008)

[the bank] [failed] to transact my [transfer] ❋ Snaptacular (2007)

Man, I need to make another [transaction]. I really need this [dough]! Fuck [broski], I wanna blow! I wanna get high! Let's go make a transaction. ❋ C-Los! (2008)

A [transaction] opportunity is presented when tight workout pants, pajamas or [the like] are worn, creating a clear [casm] between the two butt cheeks. V. Peter made a transaction when Beth washed her face before bed. ❋ Chmpnstyle (2011)

[Stay out] of the [transaction zone] while I get cash from [the bank] machine. ❋ Sarsfieldk (2011)

"I am the Mother [Swiper]! You have recieved the [pooey transaction]!" "That'll be £6 please" "Do you take the pooey transaction?" "Oh yes we do (Bends over then [swipes])" ❋ Terry Balls (2008)

Yeah I was with [Jackson] last night and [I farted] while he was eating my ass and he had the [audacity] to give me a Texas Transaction. ❋ Badmitionfury (2019)

Justin again used [the jack] [transaction] to take the [cash and] charge his credit card to get the points. ❋ Sd Panhandlers (2014)

[We don't] get enough money for working at [McDonalds], so we occasionally complete a pocket transaction to [make up for it]. ❋ RJForce (2007)

Does the Monroe Transaction [contest] morally [qualify] as having [a winner]? ❋ Toxic Rage (2007)

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