Definitions and meanings of "Transduce"

What do we mean by transduce?

To convert (input energy of one form) into output energy of another form. transitive verb

To transfer (genetic material or characteristics) from one bacterial cell to another. Used of a bacteriophage or plasmid. transitive verb

To convert energy from one form to another verb

To transfer genetic material from one bacterial cell to another verb

Cause transduction (of energy forms) verb

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The theoretical idea of being so high that you think you can teleport somewhere because you're thinking so hard about it.  Urban Dictionary

2 or more people taking a Dump at the same time (different toilets)  Urban Dictionary

A device that converts one form of energy into another.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who takes a dump in the bathroom of the opposite sex.  Urban Dictionary

The word "transduce" in example sentences

How to use transduce in a sentence? Example sentences with the transduce, a sentence example for transduce, and how to make transduce in sample sentence, how do I use the word transduce in a sentence? How do you spell transduce in a sentence?

Have you ever noticed magical abilities to see, feel, hear, move and transduce energy? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mainly I study the sense of touch, and what the molecules are that transduce touch. ❋ Unknown (2008)

They transduce signals from inside the cell out, and outside the cell in. ❋ Unknown (2007)

You have people who are drawing coarse hair across strings, which in turn produces sounds which are transduce in an esquisitely designed resonance cavity made of wood. ❋ Sean (2008)

These guys could transduce their extremely exotic genes to their hosts in rare lateral gene transfer events similar, for instance, to those thought to account for intronless pseudogenes integration into the genome of a reverse-transcribed RNA. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Soon after I returned to Stanford, I conceived of using SV40 as a means for introducing new genes into mammalian cells much in the way that bacteriophage transduce cellular DNA among infected cells. ❋ Unknown (1980)

Additionally, cocal vectors are more resistant to inactivation by human serum than VSV-G-pseudotyped vectors, and efficiently transduce human CD34 ❋ Grant D Trobridge (2010)

[36], Duf too might transduce signals to cytoskeletal elements via its intracellular domain, to ensure successful myoblast fusion. ❋ Sarada Bulchand Et Al. (2010)

Its primary purpose is to capture light and transduce those physical cues into electrical signals, which it then sends to the back of the brain where the sensory signals are interpreted into the visual experience. ❋ Silky (2010)

AAV serotype 2 (AAV2) is the most widely used AAV vector in clinical trials based largely on its ability to transduce neural cells in the rodent and primate brain. ❋ Eleni A Markakis (2010)

"Understanding more about how these proteins signal and interact, and how different cells in the body transduce the DNA damage signal, is of fundamental biological importance,"

Smith JC (1997) The ALK-2 and ALK-4 activin receptors transduce distinct mesoderm-inducing signals during early Xenopus development but do not co-operate to establish thresholds. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Understanding more about how these proteins signal and interact, and how different cells in the body transduce the DNA damage signal, is of fundamental biological importance," McKinnon said. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Man, [I'm so fucked up] right now, I feel like I could totally transduce over to [your place] right now, we'll play some [cards]. ❋ CWDave (2009)

Did you [just do] a TransDucer with [Barry] [Dango]? ❋ Barry Dango (2015)

"[I think] the [transducer] is [broken]." ❋ Steve Adleman (2003)

Bob is a [transducer], he just [pooped] in the ladies' [room]. ❋ Slokook (2022)

What does transduce mean?

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