Definitions and meanings of "Transplacental"

What do we mean by transplacental?

Passing through or occurring across the placenta. adjective

Through or across the placenta adjective

Occurring through or by way of the placenta adjective

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In Fisk NM, Moise KJ (eds): Fetal therapy: invasive and transplacental. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Effects of transplacental exposure to environmental pollutants on birth outcomes in a multiethnic population. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Influence of early cord ligation on the transplacental passage of foetal cells. ❋ Unknown (1996)

Although transplacental infection has been demonstrated experimentally and PCV2-induced reproductive failure has been reported in commercial herds, it is not a consistent finding in ❋ Unknown (2010)

The transmission of the vaccine strain to the pups through transplacental route or during birth has been ruled out. ❋ Vidya Devi Negi Et Al. (2010)

How mares become sensitized to red cell antigens they don't possess is a mystery, but transplacental hemorrhage or exposure to the foal's red cells during parturition have been suggested as possible mechanisms. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Marshall DE (1983) The transplacental passage of malaria parasites in the Solomon Islands. ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

One hypothesis is that transplacental antigen transfer occurs as immune complexes, via receptor-mediated transport across the syncytiotrophoblastic membrane and endothelium of vessels in fetal villi. ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

This suggests a role for insulin bound to antibody in transplacental transport. ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

By contrast in all experiments in which transplacental transfer of MSP1 ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

Previous studies have suggested transplacental transport of ICs, most notably after immunization with tetanus toxoid ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

These studies, however, have never directly demonstrated transplacental transfer of antigen bound to antibody. ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

Szepfalusi Z, Loibichler C, Pichler J, Reisenberger K, Ebner C, et al. (2000) Direct evidence for transplacental allergen transfer. ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

GRAVE'S DISEASE EFFECT ON PREGNANCY  Higher incidence of preeclampsia heart failure EFFECT ON NEONATE  Neonatal thyrotoxicosis fr transplacental passage of maternal thyroid stimulating ab 66 ❋ Unknown (2009)

Immune complexes with cat allergens have also been noted in cord blood Using the same ex vivo placenta perfusion model, we show that transplacental transfer of rMSP1 ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

Another study examining transplacental transport of tetanus toxoid (TT) antibodies using the ex vivo placental perfusion model reported tetanus antigen in both the maternal and fetal perfusate. ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

Wesumperuma LH, Ota MO, Pinder M, Banya W, et al. (2001) The influence of placental malaria infection and maternal hypergammaglobulinemia on transplacental transfer of antibodies and IgG subclasses in a rural West African population. ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

There was no transplacental transport of MSP1 mixed with plasma that did not contain specific antibodies to MSP1 (No. 6). ❋ Karen May Et Al. (2009)

What does transplacental mean?

What does the word transplacental mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word transplacental in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with transplacental and anagrams of transplacental. Looking for online definition of transplacental in the dictionary? Transplacental explanation free. What is transplacental? Meaning of transplacental term.

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