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Definitions of "trashman"

  • Someone whose job it is to collect refuse from people's homes and take it to be processed. noun

The word "trashman" in example sentences

You can't think about a trashman without a little funk, and with a theme written by none other than Mr. Quincy Jones, it doesn't get funkier.. [ The Top 10 TV Theme Songs We Listen to on Purpose]

He is all monster, and any sane society would cull him early, put the nine just behind the ear, and throw him by the pathway for the trashman.. [A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set]

Every day there are more, and I take all I can find to the trashman each Monday and Thursday.. [A glass garden]

Happy ending, though, and I like it when the trashman gets a happy ending.. [Archive 2008-01-01]

The central character is a young man hoping to become a great space explorer, meanwhile biding his time as a trashman in space, hoping to join a historically significant and dangerous expedition to Jupiter.. [Manga Before Flowers – “Manga for Adults” (Part Two) | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources]

The project took two years to complete and is based on an original screenplay that revolves around a New York City trashman who tries to avenge the deaths of dancers at his favorite strip club.. [ Top Stories]

How many roofers and trashman have been killed feloniously?. [Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local]

Another issue is why is it a problem if a politician is gay? im a christian and i dont really approve of it, but thats them and they should still be able to live life like a heterosexual whether it be being a trashman or the mayor. its not that big of a deal! yea .... [Progressive U - The new media voice for students]

When Paolino tired of all the fun to be had in the garbage business, he sold his company to trashman Wayne Huizenga-himself no stranger to accusations of Mob influence-for more than $1 billion.. [Madcow Morning News]

You are also inviting not only the trashman but all others to rummage through your trash for what they'd call treasure.. [CTV News RSS Feed]

With Mike's logic above, we should just go find a trashman or a janitor and let them govern the state.. [Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee]

You don't grow up saying you want to be a trashman.. []

Well, actually there are lots of 5-year-old kids who want to be a trashman, right?. []

Quin Hillyer received from inside the campaign last week, which stated that "Fred does not have a dog in the fight," it was the same information that I had, except Hillyer's information was coming straight from Thompson's advisors … where of course mine came from somewhere down the foodchain a bit, kind of like the dog digging being fed scraps by the second shift trashman.. []

All week I’ve been wanting to read this to you, waking up more excited than the trashman on the day-after-Christmas, and running into my …. uh … recording studio (read: three paces from the bed) to see if it’s quiet enough.. [Last Class | Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast]

The only new piece of information was trashman Larry Powers’s description of the rifle he’d briefly seen in the cab of the truck, a very short bolt-action rifle with a thick barrel and a thick scope.. [Dead Zero]

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i'm the trashman. i come out. i throw trash all over the ring, and then i start eating garbage.

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