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Definitions of "tread"

  • To walk on, over, or along. intransitive verb
  • To press beneath the feet; trample. intransitive verb
  • To treat unjustly or harshly; oppress. intransitive verb
  • To form by walking or trampling. intransitive verb
  • To execute by walking or dancing. intransitive verb
  • To copulate with. Used of a male bird. intransitive verb
  • intransitive verb
  • To go on foot; walk. intransitive verb
  • To set down the foot; step. intransitive verb
  • intransitive verb
  • To trample something. Used with on or upon. intransitive verb
  • To treat someone or something unjustly or harshly. Used with on or upon. intransitive verb
  • To copulate. Used of birds. intransitive verb
  • noun
  • The act, manner, or sound of treading. noun
  • An instance of treading; a step. noun
  • A mark made by treading, as in snow. noun
  • The upper horizontal part of a step in a staircase. noun
  • noun

The word "tread" in example sentences

Oxford English Dictionary traces the expression "tread upon eggs" back to the 1700s, when someone named Roger North wrote: "This gave him occasion ... to find if any slip had been made for he all along trod upon eggs.". [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

And this tread is about all types of political topics.. [Think Progress » ThinkFast: February 18, 2010]

It was what we call a tread-snail, because it moves on a double row of pads like stumpy feet and leaves a trail like a tractor.. [Four-Day Planet]

(on camera) During the planning for Iraq, some Pentagon civilians complained what they call tread-heads in the Army were pushing the old heavy force doctrine.. [CNN Transcript May 26, 2003]

If you drive down the road and the tread is worn, when you hit a puddle of water, the car can aquaplane.. [Club grooves limitation sought]

» ‘Starfist’ series follows path Heinlein tread in ‘Starship Troopers’ heinleinblog heinleinblog. [» ‘Starfist’ series follows path Heinlein tread in ‘Starship Troopers’ heinleinblog]

‘Starfist’ series follows path Heinlein tread in ‘Starship Troopers’. [» ‘Starfist’ series follows path Heinlein tread in ‘Starship Troopers’ heinleinblog]

‘Starfist’ series follows path Heinlein tread in ‘Starship Troopers’ ». [» Mind control by parasites might night just be science fiction heinleinblog]

« ‘Starfist’ series follows path Heinlein tread in ‘Starship Troopers’. [» Avoiding someone else’s deadly ‘belly laugh’ heinleinblog]

But Michelin researchers said the RFID chip eventually could be given enough intelligence to communicate directly with vehicle owners and drivers-telling them if the tires are properly inflated, overheated, overloaded, or if tire tread is dangerously worn.. [Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Wired Tires: RFID Chips in Michelins]

That blubbering and moaning, accompanying an elephantine tread, is fat Mrs. Casey, second floor, home drunk from an afternoon out, in fear of the vengeance of Mr. Casey; to propitiate whom she is burning a pan of bacon, as the choking fumes and outrageous sizzling testify.. [The Promised Land]

Hundreds of lamas, clad in their flowing robes, issued with solemn tread from the lamasery, some of them carrying large, irregular wooden frames painted red, blue and yellow, and huge bundles of straw.. [With the Tibetans in Tent and Temple: Narrative of Four Years' Residence on the Tibetan Borders, and of a Journey into the Far Interior]

This flat germinal disk, which is round at first and then oval, and which is often described as the tread or cicatricula in the laid hen's egg, is found at a certain part of the surface of the large globular food-yelk.. [The Evolution of Man — Volume 1]

0 Responses to “‘Starfist’ series follows path Heinlein tread in ‘Starship Troopers’”. [» ‘Starfist’ series follows path Heinlein tread in ‘Starship Troopers’ heinleinblog]

"treatments" are always traditional, and even his titles tread closely on the heels of former titles.. [Emerson and Other Essays]

"Foot shall tread," is figurative for exulting in the fall of God's enemies (Re. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

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  • PronunciationsT R EH1 D P R OW0 N AH1 N S IY0 EY1 SH AH0 N S Y UW1 S K AH0 N AA1 N AH0 K AH0 L AA1 L S
  • Character5
  • Hyphenation tread


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