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To pay higher and higher co-payments on the medicines we take to cure us of the stress and anxiety caused by the enormous treadwheel on which we run?. [Think Progress » Strategy Memo: White House Efforts to Undercut Torture Amendment Continue]

[With a Rube Goldberg treadwheel-mouse-generated shoe-lever in the plastic butt to TexasBestGrok for the link.]. [July 2004]

Judging by the data on a water-raising treadwheel that was in operation until the mid-'30s at Conradsburg in the Harz Mountains, one could easily come to the opposite conclusion, since the system was veritably ridden with friction losses: the bearing had to support not only the weight of the disk or wheel, but also that of the animal.. [5. Draft Animals: All Work and No Play?]

Finally, with great structural intricacy, the aim of becoming independent from the will and moods of the animal and simultaneously minimizing the output fluctuations was accomplished by tying the animal in place - often enough with a noose around its neck - in a treadwheel or on a disk.. [5. Draft Animals: All Work and No Play?]

Also around 1870, the tread power appeared as the industrial form of the old treadwheel and disk.. [5. Draft Animals: All Work and No Play?]

The former are exposed to the inclemencies of the weather, and the hardships of toil -- the latter are cruelly dragged away from their infants, that the master may not lose the smallest portion of time, -- and _both_ are liable at any moment to be incarcerated in the dungeon, or strung up on the treadwheel.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus]

The treadwheel crane remained in use until the end of the 1800s. [Energy Bulletin -]

This concerns a treadwheel with a diameter of 456 centimetres: 2 x 213 cm radius of the wheel + 2 x 15 cm radius of the drum (diameter = 2 x radius).. [Energy Bulletin -]

This study gives an informed look at medieval treadwheel cranes, inluding how to calculate the mechanical advantage of a treadwheel.. [Energy Bulletin -]

A treadwheel with a wheel radius of 7 feet (213 cm) and a drum radius of 0.5 feet (15 cm) has a mechanical advantage of 14 to one.. [Energy Bulletin -]

A mechanical advantage of 632 to 1 means that each of the four men had to apply a force of only 23.7 kilograms in order to lift a weight of 60 tonnes - and this while operating a winch instead of a more efficient treadwheel. most powerful crane in the world today (since September 2009) has a lifting capacity of 20,000 tonnes.. [Energy Bulletin -]

Although the mechanical advantage of a capstan is considerably lower than that of a treadwheel, they could be powered by much more people and so less machines would be needed.. [Energy Bulletin -]

Safety mechanisms (to prevent plummeting loads and sudden reverse rotation of the treadwheel or capstan) were introduced only in the late eighteenth century.. [Energy Bulletin -]

Dockside treadwheel cranes were frequently capped by a wooden roof to protect the mechanics and the workers from the rain.. [Energy Bulletin -]

With a mechanical advantage of 14 to one, one man in a treadwheel operating a Pentaspastos and exerting a force of 50 kilograms could thus lift a load of 3500 kilogram or 3.5 tonnes.. [Energy Bulletin -]

While the lifting capacity of a ancient treadwheel crane is impressive, attentive readers will have noticed that Roman buildings contained stone blocks that were considerably heavier than that.. [Energy Bulletin -]

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@aco_twit: BLC++ 038 원작: 장목단 Walk on water OST 中 Treadwheel(쳇바퀴) #Walk_On_Water


@Anglusndola Hi Angela, we have ID'd the wheel as Great Culand Farm Treadwheel, Burham. We actually have a copy of…


@RuthPStevens: Content is king, to be sure. But how did we end up on this crazy treadwheel, cranking out B2B content for content’s sake…


Content is king, to be sure. But how did we end up on this crazy treadwheel, cranking out B2B content for content’…


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