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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word treson. Define treson, treson synonyms, treson pronunciation, treson translation, English dictionary definition of treson.

A hit ass boy with a 30in long dick and can eat the booty well but don't forget get personality. Urban Dictionary

Treson is a very great person Full of adventure enjoyment and fun If u ever meet a treson Carvalho never let them go bcz they are a keeper and will never leave you alone Urban Dictionary

A good person with a big heart and a even bigger dick. If you know a Treson he is for sure packing 12 inches. Treson is funny and adventurous and is down to have a good time. Urban Dictionary

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The word "treson" in example sentences

Lyrics: Faintly arisen/tenderly torn dreamlike decision, unconsciously born firm in conviction yet tempt me they can deny me of trust and a demon I hide a drive to be less than the fortunate a dream in the casket of eden crave that which you do not desire cling tightly to your deepest fear I rose the greatest monument again and again I bear the greatest treasure of time and a word treson spilt on the loneliest of graves desperation dealt the losing hand again wherein lie the purpose of the day? ❋ Unknown (2010)

Anyone else involved in this treson should come clean and turn some sort of states evidence. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Þa wes treson a þas landes. for æuricman sone ræuede oþer þe mihte. ❋ Joseph Hall (N/A)

Item given to the ringers one gunpowder treson day 0 1 0 ❋ Eric Parker (1912)

Also the forseid children were brought ayene to the kyng; and the lady Spenser was accused, and here brother, that was called duk of York, of gret treson for the forseid children; and the cause was, for they seyden that the eldere chyld was trewe kyng. ❋ Anonymous (1823)

And the kyng besette the park alle aboughte that the Scottes schulde never escaped: but thorugh treson of the ❋ Anonymous (1823)

Thomas Turbevyle for treson was drawen and hanged. ❋ Anonymous (1823)

Also in this same yere the duchesse of Gloucetre was arested and put in Holt, for she was suspecte of treson; and a clerk that was longyng to here, whiche was clepyd Roger Whiche, was taken for werchynge of sorcery ayens the kyng, and he was put into the Tour; and after, he was brought into Poules, and there he stood up on high on a scaffold ageyn ❋ Anonymous (1823)

Also in this same yere was a man drawen and hanged, hedid, and quarterd, and sett up at diverses places, for he tok up bestes and all maner vitaill in the cuntre in the kynges name, and was but a thef, and so robbyd the cuntre with treson. ❋ Anonymous (1823)

And in this yere come tidynges unto the kyng that Gascoigne and Gyan was lost, save Burdeux and Bayon, be the Armynakes take: in the mene tyme ambassatours of the same partye of Armynackes were come unto the kyng to entrete for a mariage of the erle of Armynakes doughter to be weddyd to the kyng; but because of the same treson the seid mariage was daisshyd. ❋ Anonymous (1823)

February 16th, 2009 at 8: 31 am national Mole sickness day, or national treson day. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Also in this yere schulde a ben a bataile at Coventre betwen the duke of Hereford and the duke of Norfolke, withinne lystes: and whanne they were assembled in the place, the kyng toke up there quarell into his hand: and anoon in the same place they were bothe exiled; that is to seye, the duke of Hereford for x yere, and Thomas duke of Norfolk for an hundred yere, whiche debate was for wordes of treson whiche schulde have ben spokyn be these too lordes of the kyng. ❋ Anonymous (1823)

Fraunce, of manye a gret lord both sp'uelx and temperelx, but as it is seyn ofte tyme that undir tretys is treson, so was it there; for the duke of Burgoyne that was sworn upon Godes by sacred, to be good and trewe to the kyng of Engelond and hise successores, there, of a cardinall that was callyd cardinall of Crouche, unwetynge the holy fadyr the pope, was asoyled of that othe to holde with oure adversarye the dolphyn, that hadde mordred his owne fadyr before tyme. ❋ Anonymous (1823)

Also the same yere, in somer, the kyng beynge in Fraunce with alle hise temperall lordes for the most partye, the lollardes, with manye mo othere that weren enclyned to there secte, casted billes aboughte in every good town in Engelond, and purposed for to have made a rysyng and distroyed Holy Chirche and the reaume; but, thanked be Almyghty God, there falsnesse and there treson was sone aspyed and distroyed; for on William Maundevyll, sum tyme a wever of ❋ Anonymous (1823)

Oh Yeah, now a Fed Up American speaks his mind: reality even that lunatic glenn beck says aid to israel must end and that we dont share their values, and that aipac letter that our representatives are forced to sign or face a coordinated media and funding campaign backlash just infuriates americans. we were attacked on 9-11 because we support israeli killing and occupation of palestinians and israel doesnt care and wont stop and american j-ewish interests dont care either. the 94 percent jewish owned media and their coordinated lie of "they hate our freedom" is nothing short of treson on behalf of israel to make sure americans dont question support for israel. thank god for obama. if you dont print this i will understand why their are no comments thus far, its because you wont print what americans feel ❋ Unknown (2010)

_] [Sidenote: The toune and the castell of Berewyk was lost thorugh treson.] [Sidenote: Too cardenals comen into Engelond to make pees.] ❋ Anonymous (1823)

Y can't [i be] [treson] [damn] ❋ Bans Fold (2016)

[Treson Carvalho] your [the best person] [I love] [treson Carvalho] ❋ William John (2021)

[Yooooo] did you hear how [big] Treson’s [dick] was ❋ RnMFanatic (2022)

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