Definitions and meanings of "Tribade"

What do we mean by tribade?

A lesbian. noun

A woman who is addicted to tribady. noun

A lesbian noun

A female homosexual noun

A woman who engages in sexual activity with another woman; a lesbian.

A lesbian, particularly one for whom the act of tribadism is the primary means of sex  Urban Dictionary

Clit to Clit humping.. Very hot..  Urban Dictionary

Clitoris on Clitoris stimulization with end results in form of dual orgasm for each of the lesbian participants.  Urban Dictionary

N. from Greek 'tribein' to rub Lesbianism, or more precisely Clamjousting.  Urban Dictionary

A Lesbian sex act where two partners interlock their spread legs (like two pairs of scissors) and grind their vulvae together to stimulate each other's clitoris to orgasm. Also called scissoring, the practice has many colloquialisms. In some Central American countries it is called "making tortillas," and the Chinese refer to the act as "polishing mirrors".  Urban Dictionary

Grinding your vulva against some other part of your partner's body. It may be a leg, arm, stomach or anywhere else. It may be done with or clothes on or off, and the indirect stimulation may be especially appreciated by those with a sensitive clitoris. It may also be called 'frottage', 'dry humping' or 'dry fucking' (even though it isn't necessarily dry!).  Urban Dictionary

Or tribbing, commonly known by its scissoring position, is a form of non-penetrative sex in which a woman rubs her vulva against her partner's body for sexual stimulation. Also known as Y-banging, trib, or scissor-sex. Female bonobos are also known to engage in this activity.  Urban Dictionary

It is when 2 woman rub their vagina's together. "missionary style" is when the two woman stand infront of each other and rub their clitorisis together. Tribadism only works if there is enough stimulation to the clitoris.  Urban Dictionary

A female with a greatly enlarged clitoris, thought to be as the result of a hormone imbalance, especially one of homosexual orientation (sometimes spelled "tribade")  Urban Dictionary

When a lesbian simulates heterosexual sex  Urban Dictionary

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very NSFW . . . well, it's a short for tribadism after the old term tribade, lesbian, and describes the practice of rubbing female genetalia against each other. ❋ Brian David Phillips (2005)

This called for that once a month specialty, tribade toast. ❋ Maggie Jochild (2007)

Moreover, Lanser seems to be elaborating the tension that Traub discerns in English Renaissance discourses between the figure of the tribade and the figure of the friend, the former being a monstrous image of sex and gender deviance while the latter embodies the possibility of a female homoeroticism contained within the bounds of virtue and the canons of femininity. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Second, I wonder whether or not it makes sense to attempt to construct, from whatever resemblances there might be between "the tribade" and ❋ Unknown (2006)

Hence the male féminisme whereby the man becomes patiens as well as agens, and the woman a tribade, a votary of mascula Sappho,364 Queen of Frictrices or Rubbers. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The Republican Party known for its tribade salaciousness and back door buggery took another severe hit today after the president came out of the closet and admitted to an affair with former Florida congressman, Mark Foley. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Madame de Lamballe, who was guillotined at the Revolution, was popularly regarded as a tribade, and it was said that on this account her charming head received the special insults of the mob. ❋ Havelock Ellis (1899)

I sometimes think that historical research on early modern Europe relies so heavily on forensic archives that it seems to retry accused sodomites (and the occasional tribade). ❋ Unknown (2010)

At the same time she gently placed her hand on Ethel's cunt, and commenced to suck one of her nipples, whilst one finger was titillating her companion's incipient clitoris, which, although so small as to be scarcely visible, was tremendously sensitive to these tender and lascivious touches by such an experienced tribade. ❋ Anonymous (N/A)

‘‘Lacedæmonius for a pathic and other writers apply it to a tribade. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"That homosexual relationships are common enough among Indian women is evidenced by the fact that the Hindustani language has five words to denote the tribade: (1) _dúgáná_, (2) _zanàkhé_, ❋ Havelock Ellis (1899)

Plato, Plutarch and Cicero), treated boys and girls in the same way before marriage: hence Juvenal (xi. 173) uses '' Lacedæmonius "for a pathic and other writers apply it to a tribade. ❋ Anonymous (1855)

Hence the male féminisme whereby the man becomes patiens as well as agens, and the woman a tribade, a votary of mascula Sappho, [FN#364] Queen of Frictrices or Rubbers. [ ❋ Anonymous (1855)

[Lets] [bump cunts] you [beautiful] tribade. ❋ Annonymous (2004)

I love [tribadism]. It gives me so much energy, as soon as I start humping, I can go on and on... having one orgasm after the other, until Im so sore from [orgasming].. And I love hearing my baby moaning, and [spasming] with me.. ❋ Karin (2004)

[Lesbian] [Bump] and [Grinding] ❋ Amy Z (2004)

The 'Double-Y' is the [perfect] [position] for tribadism. ❋ Cutaway (2004)

I felt myself get hard as I [peeked] through the window and watched [Tiana] and Brianna get naked and make out on the bed, but it wasn't until they began doing [tribadism] that I realized I had just creamed in my pants. ❋ Camerondallastho (2016)

Jen [straddled] her partner's stomach and [rubbed] her [vulva] against it to gain pleasurable feelings. ❋ Smurf (2005)

I met [this chick] who was into tribadism, she let me watch her and her gf [rub] [clits] ❋ Ahankerferahunkacheese (2012)

[Sandy] and [Jen] tried tribadism. After [that day], they never stopped smiling. ❋ Xenjin (2004)

If the female [sexual partner] of a tribad [spreads] her legs very widely, [penetration] can occur, making actual sexual intercourse between the parties possible. ❋ Anthony Brancato (2003)

1. i [choose] not to [practice] in tribadism, because i think that sex for [lesbians] should be different ❋ Whilykitt (2005)

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