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Definitions of "tribes"

  • Plural form of tribe. noun

The word "tribes" in example sentences

Certain tribes from the shores of the North Sea which afterwards developed into the Anglo-Saxon race earned their freedom by remaining free.. [The Psychology of the Suffragette]

A remarkable characteristic of all the mountain tribes is that they have almost no amusements; games I asked for vainly, and I never saw a dance but once.. [High Albania]

The fact that a wife cannot be obtained without paying for her among the mountain tribes is one of the frequent causes of abduction.. [High Albania]

Skenderbeg and Lek, they said, were related, therefore Mirdite women wear the black gjurdin in mourning for Skenderbeg, which in all other tribes is a man's garment only.. [High Albania]

They were scattered thus over all the face of the earth in families, which we call tribes, and from wild tribes, becoming civilized and united they have become as nations.. [Life of George Henry : together with a brief history of the colored people in America,]

James Mollison documented a spectrum of what he calls the "tribes" of attendees in his photography project and book. [The Full Feed from]

What God does for his tribes is according to the oaths of the tribes, according to what he has said and sworn to them; for he is faithful that has promised.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume IV (Isaiah to Malachi)]

These were made by various tribes from the mid Atlantic indian nations to plains nations and even the nations of the american southwest and Mexico.. [What is it? Game 113 » E-Mail]

And my father's ancestors were real honest-to-goodness Bedouin tribes people, which had a similarly mystical/natural quality in my imagination.. [Diana Abu-Jaber discusses her true identity with Origin]

Groups from different tribes from a broad region joined up into a single religiously Druze community in time periods known to written history.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » More Interesting DNA Information]

Readers can be found in tribes, in the sense used by Terry Heaton at his PoMo Blog and by Seth Godin in his most recent book Tribes: groups of people united by a common idea and inspired by a common leader.. [Periodicals]

Clinton, not Bush, got information from Iraqi informants who had heard from several different sources — including Bedouin tribes — about an American pilot who had been shot down.. [When Will They Apologize to the Speicher Family? « Blog]

The Fraser Institute just came out w/a paper on Canada, they have no private health companies, IIRC, and one of their native tribes is about to go off the reservation and build a private MRI (?) clinic.. [Milton Friedman on health, education, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Some time around the turn of the eleventh century indigenous tribes from the Valley of Anahuac trekked north and settled in th ... read more exploring-tourism. [Durango's colonial architecture: eleven quarry stone gems]

The people of the mountain tribes hold the key to ending the nine-year war.. [Ehsan Azari Stanizai: To Solve Afghanistan's Great Game Climb the Hills and Ask]

The faeries of MIT dip and wheel on wings glittering with circuitry gathered in tribes by programming language their code sublimely elegant. [Thor's Day]

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