Character 9
Hyphenation tri fo ri um
Pronunciations /tɹaɪ̯ˈfɔːɹɪəm/

Definitions and meanings of "Triforium"

What do we mean by triforium?

A gallery of arches above the side-aisle vaulting in the nave of a church. noun

In medieval architecture, a gallery above the arches of the nave and choir, and often of the transepts, of a church, generally in the form of an arcade. noun

The gallery or open space between the vaulting and the roof of the aisles of a church, often forming a rich arcade in the interior of the church, above the nave arches and below the clearstory windows. noun

The gallery of arches above the side-aisle vaulting in the nave of a church. noun

The gallery of arches above the side-aisle vaulting in the nave of a church.

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The word "triforium" in example sentences

Above the triforium is the clerestory, which contains one light to each sub-bay, and surmounting all is the vaulting, which springs from the piers and from grotesquely carved corbels between the triforium arches. ❋ Joseph E. Bygate (N/A)

Early English transept of the minster itself the triforium is the most prominent feature of the design. ❋ Unknown (1896)

The interior has a clean and fresh appearance owing to the recent restorations and is chiefly remarkable for the balustraded triforium which is continued round the whole church. ❋ Gordon Home (1923)

Over the whole aisle on each side runs a broad gallery usually called the "triforium," lighted by Perpendicular windows in the outer wall; and above is the "clerestory," or "clear-story," affording a narrow passage in the thickness of the main wall, lighted by the original Norman windows; thus the height is divided into three parts -- ground-story, triforium, and clerestory; and the breadth into the same number -- nave, north aisle, and south aisle; probably designed as a type of the Trinity, as it is thought by many that these symbolical considerations were used in the building of churches in early ages. ❋ Anonymous (N/A)

He is one of those writers who finds the exact word for absolutely everything, which gives his prose an oddly poetic effect, full of terms like ‘triforium’ and ‘chasuble’, ‘pontificalia’ and ‘myrmidon’. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the interior are an elegant triforium and a beautiful Flemish painting (1535) of the Martyrdom of St. Eugenie. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

Within the doorway is a spacious narthex, of which the triforium is filled with antiquities connected with the monastery which adjoined the church. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

The east end of the triforium range on the north is particularly good. ❋ W. D. Sweeting (N/A)

Statuettes like Caryatides sustain the columns of the triforium. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

This method was to remove entirely the triforium roof, and to convert the open arcade of the triforium towards the church into windows by filling the tracery with glass. ❋ W. D. Sweeting (N/A)

Between are pointed arches, and immediately above, the triforium, having over each arch a treble window resting on four fascicled and three impost colonnettes. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

Over the arches, which are early pointed, run a built-up triforium and circular clerestory windows. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

Two spacious aisles run up each side of the nave, separated by clustered columns supporting pointed arches, the front row being surmounted by a narrow mullioned triforium and a lofty clerestory, both lighted by beautifully-painted glass windows. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

Under each of the large triforium arches are two smaller ones. ❋ W. D. Sweeting (N/A)

Above them is a triforium, with frescoes of saints on a gold ground painted on the panels. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

In the interior, along the top of clustered articulated columns, runs an elegant triforium, and over it extends a lofty elliptical roof, painted by G.  Mazzola. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

In the interior a broad triforium with heavily-canopied window-openings surrounds the church. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

Gothic order has its columnar support, its arch (in place of the beam), its decoratively treated stage (the triforium), occupying the space against which the aisle roof abuts, and its clerestory, or window stage. ❋ Various (N/A)

In the interior, coupled columns, alternating with massive piers, run down each side of the nave, supporting pointed arches, over which runs a triforium of round arches on clustered colonnettes. ❋ C. B. Black (N/A)

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